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March's Madness - words and photos


I am a magpie, a collector of 'things' and of 'stuff' and 'magic' and of 'junk'
All of it treasure.
This knotty swirl of pine was found in a local stream and carefully brought home.
The pebble is from a windswept Scottish island beach
they were made for each other.


Reading Now

The Weir by Conor McPherson - it made my heart surge with sadness 
and 60 north -  which makes my heart skip a happy beat when it arrives through the letterbox :)

Black and white

Although not truly black and white - the shot of yellow gives it away.
It had been a most beautifully harsh and cruel week for the birds.
They trudged and hopped through deep snow as they looked for food and water.
This blackbird was waiting his turn at the water trough,
as the snow kept falling.

Starts with an ... H

I'd mused over this one, not sure what would fill this space, 
until I caught myself staring at my latest felted hare ... 
next to my 'HOME' wooden blocks.
With a small pink Heart on an ear ...

My own choice

This photo was almost going to be the 'Black and White' choice 
however, I felt I would lose Moss' intense stare if I changed her from colour into B&W, 
so here, for your pleasure - 
Moss doing her best to fill the brief and making me laugh at the same time! 

And if you wondered why she has a harlequin face... well, 
she was charging after her ball with such intense concentration 
that she failed to notice a huge muddy puddle. 

So, these are my words and photos for March :) Hope you enjoyed them, I am off now to see what you lovely lot have got up to xx


  1. I love the felt hares, and the photo of Moss is adorable :)

  2. I love all your pictures, very creative. Harlequin Moss is my favourite of course! The baking batch looks very appetizing. Nature was very inspiring for hole and H. I hear more snow may be due monday. :( I love it when my Simple Things mag drops through my letter box every month. X

  3. I love the stone a wood, and those oat cakes and soda bread look so yummy

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Beautiful photographs, I feel so cosy just looking at them. As for Moss, just gorgeous as ever.

  5. Lovely photos as usual. Moss looks full of mischief and Your oat cakes look very scrummy indeed.
    Have posted my photos but can't link up on my phone, will have to wait until I get home. Thanks for hosting, looking forward to April's list. X

  6. This is a great collection - great find for 'H' and I love the little nest for hole. Lovely photo of Moss to end with too :)

  7. Morning m'dear :) As always, a lovely and thoughtful selection but you know my favourite is the last . . . and as a fan of alliteration I shall think of it as "Miss Moss Mud Magnet" ! (Get the boys to say that fast, three times, whilst eating your scrummy oatcakes)

  8. Love your take on hole, hare which is absolutely gorgeous & the last one of Moss. Not sure I'll join in (being a bad Australian), but will be blog hopping to the other hunters to see what they've chosen. Take care.

  9. Those biscuits and bread look good. Can almost smell them. As for Moss...Moss the clown - is she about to audition for a dog version of Phantom of the Opera, or maybe a character from Orlando the Marmalade Cat. I am loving the different expressions you manage to get on each felt hare. Lovely pictures as usual. xx

  10. Miss Moss just has to be my favourite photo! But she is closely followed by the hare (I must try needle felting again, without stabbing myself) and the baking!

  11. I love the stone in the hole and your hare is the cutest hare ever. Love your dog too. Here is the link to my contribution.

  12. Great photos, lovely Moss and hare, heart and H bricks together are a wonderful idea also like hole, the combination of wood and peppble is lovely:)

  13. Well Kate excelled as usual. How strange we both thought of black and white as the blackbird in the snow. Yummy Scrummy baking, Hole is just great, however Moss and his escapade with the mud made me smile. Thanks for the list it certainly gets one thinking.Sorry I totally messed up the title on my blog. Blame the aged brain.

  14. Lovely set of photos Kate - I love the driftwood hole and the stone to match it ... beautiful - and like John I was intrigued by 60 North - we too were lucky enough to go there about 25 years ago - fabulous place - but I think my favourite is the blackbird in the snow.


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