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looking for colour

It is such a dull day, 
the light is grey and thin.
Having to resort to creating my own inner sunshine.
I've done all that I have to do for the Easter Art Market tomorrow
and I have a meeting to go to shortly,
so just enough time to ...
Create what I am craving ... 
A bit of colour, 
while I wait for spring to catch up 
and fill the garden and the countryside
with colours of her own. 
 I'll wear these tomorrow,
with layers of socks and thermals
(plus MANY other such warm and cozy items)
Til the next time I pop in dear fellow colour seekers,
have a lovely weekend
and see colour 


  1. Love the beaded effect. You have been having fun!!

  2. That is such a good idea that I fully intend to blatantly steal it!!

  3. I LOVE your beautiful beady boots! Reminds me of the Docs I had when I was a teenager - purple beads on the laces and stars drawn all over them with a silver marker! :)

  4. Very cheerful. One of the ladies at our community centre - a mere 72 year old - has a pair of floral Doc Martins, her latest addition to add to the 3 other pairs she wears all the time!

  5. I like the colors you added to your boots!! It's very creative. Hope the weather stays nice and real Spring comes soon.

  6. Cool, as the younger set would say. On catch up once again & hope the weekend went well. Take care & huggles.


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