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One Word Wednesday - Anticipation

Can you feel it ?

Despite the chill wind and flurries of snow - can you feel the turning of the season?

I can.  I can feel the gentle creak of earth as plants quietly grow beneath my feet.

The slightly sweet green taste in the air I get when I lean in closely to new leaf shoots as they squeeze through bark.
The birds in the garden have heard it - and they have answered the call loudly and happily. They posture, flirt and fly around in courtship and the garden loves it - you can feel the earth waking up and celebrating in the bird's joy.
Even the smallest fronds of green show bravado as they stretch and lengthen and if you listen, carefully ... very carefully ... listen - you can actually hear them.
Despite the flurries and mini blizzards we have had the last few days - I feel the change ... the positive growth and the hope that comes with the merest glimpse, the promise, the anticipation of spring.


  1. I was beginning to feel it, and the signs are all there, but they're hidden under a thick blanket of snow here at the moment. X

  2. Lots of snow here now. My snowdrops are hiding. Beautiful pics. X

  3. Yes! Yes!! slowly but surely things are bursting forth! I have a big bunch of pussy willows on the porch to remind me! Lovely photos!

  4. Blog so full of optimism and hope of spring, very uplifting even if the snow has hidden it all again.

  5. Lovely photos & words. Just as you are saying that, we are noticing some of the trees already turning & with the high winds yesterday, the water stressed trees have also been shedding leaves. Raking today maybe, though we've had a "little" rain over night (10.5mm for Feb), so hopefully more to come in March. The driest summer for Melbourne & surrounds since 1991. Take care, stay warm & snuggled up.

  6. Well, I like to think it is all happening under the blanket of snow, which is getting thicker by the minute! Fairly positive I will not get out for a walk today so I will just have to be content to finish a quilt and/or crochet; life can be hard!

  7. Snowdrops seem to have been particularly lovely this year.

  8. Our garden is covered in snow at the moment and its so very cold, nice to see you lovely spring blooms .... i'll remember those as I look out of my window and dream of things to come


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