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Monday's a good day for gratitude

I was reading a new-to-me blog early this morning (it was is still gloomy and grey outside) and one of the posts really reached out to me - 'Abundance'. (Thanks to Aril from EAaRfGBT)

I have been quietly working away at practising gratitude which has certainly helped me when ever I feel a dip in my mood. 'The more you are grateful for, brings more to be grateful about'.

It is one of the reasons I write my present blog. To remind myself of all the small and precious things that happen on a daily basis - the sort of things that easily get forgotten over time.

My original blog started as year long photographic exercise to mark the first year of senior school of my eldest son.  I looked back to see when the first post was and it is dated 09.09.09  ...   nearly 10 years ago ....   it has evolved somewhat and transformed to my present format. 

Where is this leading? Well, I have a lot to be grateful for.
Like my husband who, with my boys, built me a beautiful summerhouse and converted it into a the most wonderful personal space where I can paint, draw, listen to music, watch birds, drink tea.  And for all of summer and autumn that is exactly what I did. 
Then winter came and the summerhouse struggled with persistent winter rain seeping in constantly and despite checking all the obvious routes - we were left scratching our heads. I had to move back into the house. I was left surprisingly bereft and combined with the downturn of the weather to the most dreary wet and dull winter I felt like I'd fallen down a hole.
Himself every weekend (weather permitting) would work on another theory where the rain was getting in, then we would have to wait for it to rain to check ..... no joy. As the water rose and receded, I drew a line around the mark, logging the waxing and waning of the leaks. 
We continued like this for weeks.
But, (carefully dancing with joy) this last ten days or so - the tide seems to have turned, both figuratively and literally, despite the rain, the wood is drying out and there are no new water marks. (Woop woop). 
His dedication and persistence to mend something for me was above and beyond the call of duty.  SO today, I go back out and tidy my summerhouse studio, move back in - in a temporary sort of way, we still need to replace all the inner wooden panels now they and the floor are drying beautifully and relay the carpet - BUT I can get out and and be in my  wonderful personal space where I can paint, draw, listen to music, watch birds, drink tea.
Like I say, I have a lot to be grateful for. xxxxxxxx

Thank you too for all the lovely comments you take the time to leave and hello to more new followers - welcome to my small part of the world - thank you for joining in :D


  1. Cock-a-hoop with joy all round then?! xx

  2. Yes, it is good to remember all the small things to be grateful for like family, friends and every time the sun shines during this rather grey period of weather. So glad summerhouse is drying out. Love the chicken, should look good when finished. xx

  3. We all knew your Himself was a wonderful bloke, but the dedication to sorting out your studio just proves it :-) Well done that man!

    Interesting to read how 'bereft' you felt when you had to move back indoors. Some decades ago when I first started making an absolute mess with fabric in an attempt to learn this patchwork nonsense I was utilising a very, very old sewing machine that had been passed down to me. A few weeks in it broke - quite severely. Whilst I was waiting for a repair I too felt absolutely bereft, I instinctively knew that something important had been taken from me. I think that was about the time I also realised that the patchwork & quilting lark wasn't going to be "just a phase". I suspect you know that about your wonderful art ❤️ ๐Ÿพ

    1. I know where you were coming from - it is instinctive xx

  4. Hope it is sorted. Your post really struck me. Gratitude. A wonderful word. I say thankyou a lot to the DP. I also say thankyou to a hill nearby! I dont believe in God but she is up on on that hill. Mad.

    1. Not mad, not at all. Mother earth is everywhere -especially hills ☺

  5. Your post made me stop & think for a few minutes & realise I need to get out of my moody rut at the moment & just get on with things. Wish we could have been closer for you, as an extra pair of hands would have come in handy, as we have built & extended quite a few houses. Just received a sad phone call, so will ring you tonight (Tuesday morning for you). Take care.

    1. Ready waiting for the phone to ring xx looking forward to our chat

  6. Wishing lots of happy, peaceful and tranquil moments in your watertight space of such creativity xx

  7. Yes, it is important, no matter how grey/damp/etc it is outside (or inside one's head) to find something positive/good/happy every day. I try to but I know some people just moan!!! So glad the tide is receding. Am loving the look of the cockerel you are drawing. Miss my chickens but I know I will not have any more, not even one or two!


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