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February's Scavenger photo hunt 2018

Thought that, with it being winterish-sort-of-weather I would try and complete all my words in a winterish-sort-of-way! Little did I realise how difficult that was going to be - it got my photo-mojo all in a twitter.

Our pathway into the garden. This image I took a couple of weeks ago, it has since snowed a lot heavier but I preferred this almost monochrome look of the gate and pathway. This is the photo that kick started my winter-wonder-look-theme.....


These ornate metal gate belongs to the rec grounds we take Moss to play and run madly around. However, this particular photo was taken in January 2013. As you can see - it was a snowy January. These gates must have seen some action in their life time as they are rather battered and rusty and missing spikes in places. They probably were quite grand in their day but now, I suspect not many folk actually notice them.

This one only took a single fleeting moment to think about but a little longer to create!  It required not only compliance by the cat (not a given) but also the use of an amenable teenager (fortunately fed and watered and up for a game) and a fully charged battery in the camera (it conked out after this image). With the dog safely kept inside as she and this cat don't always see eye to eye - we set out. This is the only image I could use... the rest are mostly of a fat-furry-backside or a furry-blurry cat half out of shot.... you get the gist. Any hoo - this one was the best and she has 'cleverly' camouflaged her tail with the hedge and her fur with the snow - what a super model!

Begins with a ....J - J is for Jacket
When I wrote this, Youngest was home on half term. Not sure what happened but wasn't in a particularly good mood, so, using his love for his dog, I insisted that we get out and go for a walk. Which we did. Moss and I felt a whole lot better for it  however, Youngest was still feeling a little grumped ....so once home, he went off for a nap. Then he felt better.

In the garden there is an indigenous honeysuckle growing on the fence between us and our neighbours. Years ago when we moved in we had to do a lot in the garden including removing a smashed up glasshouse thrown into the compost heap. At least, I think it was a compost heap, it was a huge pile of tree limbs, slimy mown grass clippings, soil and discarded plants. Once we'd started to move it we discovered the almost never ending shards of glass and broken frame. Carefully over a number of weekends we managed to clear the rubbish. Where is this leading to? Well, beneath the glass I found a single straggly twig with an equally sorry root. The honeysuckle. I planted it and it never looked back!  These buds are cheerfully battling the snow falls we have recently had.

My own choice
'Counter-camouflage' - you can't have one cat without the other...... Pepper in the bath.  (I love the row of little cat toes peeking out from beneath her tail - enough to make a mad cat lady go ... squeeeeeeeee)
So, there - my selection for February - hope you enjoyed them as much as I did hunting for them :) right, I am off now to check out you lovely lot's photos and stories!


  1. Lovely photos and its always a good idea to have a theme. I completely forgot about this once again! Despite writing all the prompts in my diary. I love how pepper sits in the bath and the snowy garden path. I may try scrabble some pics together later. X

  2. Great photos, love Pepper. I notice all your photos are "white" Snow, behind the metal gates, cat, Moss, bud in the snow and bath

    Julie xxxxx

  3. Loved your wintry themed photos & the one that stands out is the gate, looks like it was taken in the old black/white format. Well done. Of course I love the cats too. Thank you & take care.

  4. Great photos, I love the last one, it makes me want to pick up Pepper and cuddle her :) I'm still sorting my pics out yet but will hopefully have them done by tomorrow.

  5. I know you have not done your Heartathon this February but has anyone else noticed the heart in the blurred background above the garden gate in 'White'? Pan's camouflage is terrific but what I can't help noticing is the symmetry formed by Pan's tail and her chest stripes and the vertical stripes between her ears and her front legs too. As usual, Pepper is trying to outdo Pan!!! I also love the way you can read grumpiness in that jacket and its wearer!!xxx

    1. PS the symmetry is formed by Pepper's tail in the last photograph. Sorry Pepper, called you Pan again!

    2. Did wonder what on earth you where talking about!

  6. Pepper is looking very angelic in the bath, I bet she's not though.
    Lovely snowy pathway, wondering about your filter as the image almost looks like a miniature...to me anyway! Thanks as always for hosting, looking forward to the new list. x

  7. Stunning photos ,I especially like the first one..Hopefully I will remember to do the next one.
    Amanda xx

  8. Great idea to have a theme; you did well! I know that gate 'very well' but have failed to look at it properly. I will next time I walk past it. I'm giving top marks to your white photo - perfect.

  9. Beautiful set of pictures, could the first one be this year's Christmas card?

  10. Beautiful photos. Love the snowy path and gate and both cats are gorgeous:)

  11. Hmm in agreement about the lovely pathway in your garden, and yes I get the heart . The cats yes squeeee. Good on you saving he honeysuckle it will ramble to its hearts content now. Thanks for letting me join in again and I wonder what words you will come up with for next month. Have a happy March

  12. What is it with cats and sitting in the bath..ours does that too.

  13. Hi, I have just done the link up, and I really enjoyed taking my pictures this month. I love your first image of the gate and the snow, and cats are always good!

  14. A great collection, I really like what you got for camouflage!


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