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One Word Wednesday


thanks to this blog for the inspiration (or in my case - the lack of it ....)


  1. Would that be Pan procrastinating about something, or you? 😄😄
    (just noticed Pepper at the back of the chair, is she trying to push Pan off, naughty girl?)

  2. Aaah!!! Don't think you're the only that procrastinates, as K thinks that is my middle name.(lol). Take care.

  3. Impossible to concentrate when it's snowing x

  4. The cats look nice and cosy on your ripple blanket .... purrfect place for a catnap.

  5. Lovely photos! It's that time of year when procrastinating seems the best and most comfortable thing to do:)

  6. Nice to see Pan. I think you inherited the procrastinating gene from me though I blame the snowy weather too. 😊❄☃️❄☃️❄☃️

  7. Did Pan eventually fall off!! They look so cosy. Extremely hot and windy we where are today with even higher temps through the weekend. A swim in the sea I think is the order of the day for tomorrow.


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