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Herbs #30dayswild 18

What the lockdown restrictions gifted me was time.
Time to think, 
time to walk (as per the government guidelines),
and gave me more time to garden and to create. 
As a whole, my garden is rather shade heavy - we are surrounded by mature trees, 
not all our own so we have very little control as to their shade cover 
but we do what we can and I grow about 90% of my vegetables and salad in my greenhouse.
However, I have always wanted a 'pallet' garden near the kitchen door 
so I can just pop out for herbs and salad when I am cooking. 
I chatted with Himself and lo and behold a few days later 
he found me two lovely pallets.  
With a bit of a discussion we worked out what needed removing 
and how to make a base for each layer and within the hour 
I had two little multi-story-herb-gardens up on our kitchen wall!
Now, you might wonder what this has to do with #30dayswild and #staywild, 
well, as I started to fill each little bed with soil 
I thought that it would be a good idea to alternate the salad and herb crops with bee friendly plants.  
Now that everything is growing so happily, 
I suspect that the salad and herbs are in the minority 
as the wild flowers and pollinator friendly flowers take over! 
But I don't mind, they make me smile each time I walk past them.
 And these little beds bask in sunlight for most of the day 
just calling out to bees and hoverflies to come and play!
 As you can see, one is black and the other - not quite fully !
They were made at the time when our local DIY store was closed 
and we just used what we had,

however, when they did open, 
they did not have the same black wood stain.
We are now just waiting for...

1. the correct stuff to come back on the shelves
2. the rain to stop!
But at the rate the plants are growing - it might be a job for autumn


  1. A wonderful and clever idea! I love it!! Unfortunately I don't have any pallets around. Will keep the idea in mind. Love the quotes written. Beautiful fur baby!! We are getting tired of the virus issue but we continue to follow guidelines. The only solution is a vaccine and we don't see one in a near future. We pray and hope for the best! Take care and thank you for sharing!

  2. These are amazing. Have not seen this done before.

  3. P.S. Have just been looking back at your other 30 Days Wild photos. You've had some fantastic walks - and lovely pictures.

  4. Ooh, lovely!!!!!! I've seen similar in a couple of mags & as we have access to pallets frequently it's been on our must do list for a while, but not sure where to put them as we've no wall space on the outside of the house in an appropriate position & not sure paling fences are a good choice. Thanks for sharing. They are great. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  5. I so agree that the Lockdown gave one time. Love the inspiring words on the pallets - they must give you a lift every time you walk past and read them. Nice to hear about Himself - he keeps very quietly in the background most of the time!

  6. Clever idea. They do look good. As you said, it's not a problem if the bees take over!

  7. They are lovely, well done to Chief Fettler and Gardener 💚

  8. Brilliant idea, enjoy the fruits of your labours (and I hope the bugs and bees do too)


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