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Nectar #30dayswild 11

Not just for bumblebees (or any bees for that matter)
Red clover has the sweetest nectar at the base of each of the small red flowers.

One quick sip 
gives the smallest shot of sweetness 
Perfect when out walking. 
White clover is preferred by honeybees,
bumblebees with the longer tongues 
hone in on this little grassland flower.

Definitely worth not mowing the lawn or verges
for bees.

#staywild #30dayswild #bees #bumblebees


  1. I was remembering only yesterday how I used to do this as a child. X

  2. Clover makes me think of Thumper in Bambi... long ears and great big feet!

  3. With the added bonus of luck if you find a four leaved one!

  4. One of the interesting things about moving from Dorset to West Yorkshire is in seeing the contrast between plump Dorset clover flowers and the tiny, tiny clover flowers on the poor soil of the moors.

  5. It is also great if you soak some dried flowers into your bath water for helping with anxiety and stress xxx

  6. Interesting & I remember white clover & bees as a child. We still see clover, but definitely not as much now & we don't have bumble bees here in Oz & our own native bees feast on lots of wild flowers, but don't produce honey as we know it. Interesting comment about dried ones for stress & anxiety. Might have to look into that. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  7. Never done this; we have white and red clover in our fields. Not sure I'd sample the red one as our fields were recently sprayed to kill the rushes... I know that was weeks ago but ....

  8. In the state of Iowa we always see clover in the ditches however around here I do not see it for some reason. I love the aroma in the air when clover is blossoming. Love the work bees do for the planet.

  9. I did not know about the red clover's sweetness. Only ever sucked the nectar out of nasturtiums, biting off the end of the little trumpet and sucking the gorgeous sweetness. Must try the clover. xx


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