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Song #30dayswild 15

Our seasons are punctuated by the sounds of birds -

Cheeky Robins and garrulous Blackbirds through out winter.
The quick flit flight of the Wren with it's remarkably loud song,
the Swifts in late spring, early summer - screaming through the sky,
the Swallows in early summer, twittering on telephone lines.
Cuckoos early to mid summer - a fleeting call in distant trees.
Starlings and the few Sparrows tussle and argue all year through,
Oystercatchers chortling over head along the rivers and
Lapwings and Curlews hauntingly crying over head ......

.....and the piercing repetitive monotone wheezy whistle of the Greenfinch all through summer.

That to me is the sound of summer in our garden!

What birds punctuate your year?
Do you 'time' your calendar by their appearance?


  1. This year we have goldfinches and a very shouty wren living in next door's bush..as well as blackbirds and collar doves. All year round we have starlings, gulls and jacks, and a few sparrows

  2. Love the sky blue background pics. I just wanted to breathe deeply and keep looking at that sight.
    I enjoy just sitting and listening.

  3. We have all the usual suspects (blue tits, great tits, goldfinch, robins, chaffinch,finches) and thank you for reminding me of the occasional Oystercatcher and Curlew. Some of the noisiest are the thrush who sit at the top of a tree and yell their heads off, then the blackbirds who squawk and shout at each other, the wrens with their piercing ‘shrill’ which is out of all proportion to their size, closely followed by a pair of collared doves who sit on the top of the chimney stack in the evening. As they coo gently to each other the noise comes straight down the chimney and it sounds like they are in the room.

    The prize for non-stop noise and chatter goes to a small flock of sparrows. I was so delighted this Spring to have them breeding in the garden, which is a first, but goodness they never stop talking! It is not so much “Dawn Chorus” here as “Dawn Raucous” !!

  4. Dawn Raucous! Bloody brilliant! It will be k between as that from now on, ha ha ha

    1. Glad to be of etymological assistance!

    2. Wish I had proof read my answer .... it shall be known as that from now on .... gah! that will teach me to dash off an answer! :D

  5. Our blackbirds are the noisy ones except for the Jackdaws who let us know they are here stealing the fat balls. After all our surrounding trees were cut down most birds disappeared but they are gradually coming back. Not as many as before, but still venturing back.

  6. Lovely Kate & we have a few birds the same as UK, but to my surprise on Sunday morning I spotted some birds in our large leafless acer behind the shed & I did manage a photo. We had my little Butcherbird, 3 Eastern Rosellas & a King Parrot. I'd already stood for about 5 minutes before I grabbed my camera, then some other birds flew past & they also departed. I do love my birds & actually saw a lone Pelican flying over on one of our local walks recently. That was a surprise & I didn't have my camera. Thanks for this post & photos, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  7. We have similar bird noises in our garden but a predominant one is the ducks who visit, in particular Mrs Black who quacks to let me know she wants a snack.... The sound of bird song is very precious and is to be enjoyed.

  8. Love the sweet birds!! I have seen a ruby-throated humming bird on my backyard lately. Lovely photos!


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