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Warm #30dayswild 2

When air is warm and sultry,
while the water languid and unhurried,
When the easiest way to move 
is to synchronise-swim in the wake of the pen 
as the family silently and calmly swim along the canal.

#30dayswild  #staywild


  1. Oh gorgeous!! Aren't swans so graceful on the water, even though a little awkward on land. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  2. Lovely photos. Last year, a cygnet in one of our local parks hatched already white. It was funny seeing a reverse version of the 'the ugly duckling'. I wondered if it would have trouble with its siblings because it looked so different but (while acknowledging I was only an intermittent observer it didn't seem to bother them.

  3. Such beautiful clarity in your pictures. Do you have a high-quality camera or is it your skill?? (I'm feeling envious . . . )

  4. Lucky you to see cygnets. There are none 'local' to us unless we walk round Skipton way but that will not happen yet. So thanks for sharing them.

  5. Very tranquil and serene, gliding along the water with family in tow.


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