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Clouds #30DaysWild 7 & 8

An evening walk for Moss -
 cool and crisp with otherworldly alien clouds.
 Quietly drifting in almost still air,
strange ships catching the last of the evening light,
 Glowing with an inner light,
these huge voluminous weighty scows
constantly reshaped and  moved towards the horizon.
The sun sunk lower, the colours deepened...
 and faded.
Time to head for home, the kettle was calling and Moss had played and run to her heart's content.

#staywild  #30dayswild


  1. The clouds are amazing & lovely walking at dusk in summer. Freezing here this morning with the frost still thick on the grass & it's nearly 10am, so walking will definitely be later today. Thanks for the lovely photos, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  2. I love cloud formations they have always fascinated me.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Ooh I love clouds! Many a time I've pulled the car over just to either take a pic or simply stare and enjoy! I especially love the 'spaceship' ones ;o)

  4. Amazing clouds, beautifully captured. Do you have a routine for Moss's walks or do you just take her out when you can each day? I'd like to vary my days more but I always feel that Ellie expects her walk each morning.

    1. I, personally, get very bored very quickly with routine, I much prefer random and 'whatever' so our walks are pretty much as varied as we can under the present conditions. We are lucky that there are many routes around our village and so we mix and match as we feel. I also walk on a 'when I feel like it/if I have time/after tea/whenever' basis - often setting out on a short loop and extending it by miles just 'because I can' :D

  5. Sounds good to me. I like setting out and not knowing where and how long, and I'm sure Ellie can cope with varying times now she's nearly 10!

  6. I'm a cloud fan too but not an expert on them. I agree that we are lucky to have so many different walking routes around our village.

  7. I love clouds ... delightful ones you saw.

  8. It is really unreal otherworldly alien clouds.


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