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Monday Morning Mumblings

A grey, wet and windy Monday - at the moment I am the only one downstairs. Half the pack are still curled up in their beds (including Moss who went back to bed after breakfast!) and the other half have set off for work. Some stumbling out muttering dark things about missing hi-viz jackets and unlaced boots and others throwing back their coffee as they careen out checking pockets for keys .... the rumble of the car, then silence.

Just the purr and bird-like chirps of a frustrated-with-the-weather cat. She keeps climbing up on to me, staring deeply into my eyes and letting me know how disappointed she is in me in not switching off the rain and turning the sun back on  ... if only, dear sweet Pepper, if only I could.
Over the weekend the continual rain drove us to do indoor chores and apart from baking the most ExCeLlEnT!- Rhubarb and Lemon curd cake, I've been sewing - not something I usually do. Moss seems pleased with her new bed I've sewn to go into the van - she keeps trying it out for size!  Just need to sort out the fastenings then it is done :)
On the crochet front, my third SSSB inspired blanket is now done - also for the van, but at the moment it is being put to good use in the house. But as soon as we can, the blankie, the dog bed and us will get Zeb on the road for some mini-adventures. 
 I have started a behive-honeycomb lapghan in shades of creams, yellows and grey - which is taking a surprisingly long time to assemble. Each little hexi only takes about three minutes to make and they are a joy to do, but the assembly is a slow process - enjoyable but slow. The plan is once I have completed the crochet part of the lapghan, it will be stitched to a cream fleecy backing to make it all the warmer and snugglier. It was intended to be completed for an early June birthday pressie, but now almost July ... I need to get on somewhat as it has now turned into a 'welcome to your new home' pressie (oops)

❁ ❃ ✾ ✿

Thank you everyone who joined in with this month's Scavenger hunt - a really really good selection of photos and stories, I enjoyed every one!

I have thought long and hard about July's words, they would have to be good to live up to the list for June, so here is hoping that they do.

Something purple
Shades of green
Starts with  .... F
Still life
Snapped at this moment
My own choice

This month's are very open to interpretation - for example 'Snapped at this moment' could be anything ranging from a quick snap you take 'right now' to something you took years ago which stands out for you - a wedding photo or a baby's first steps or seconds before some fell into the river! 

Remember, these words are more of a suggestion than prescriptive and if you can think 'out of the box' all the better - have fun, be inspired and we will share and show our words and pictures on Friday July 31st.

Have a lovely start to your week - what ever the weather xxxxx 


  1. Thanks for the new words. I do plan to join in and had better make a start now! Horrid weather. You have been very busy on the crochet front. Don't envy you joining all those hexies together but the end job sounds great. If you can manage to stop the rain, both Pepper and I will be thankful!

  2. I feel just like the cat!
    Love the waves in the crochet

  3. I love that photo of Pepper, so like my late Tabitha, who'd have been thinking the same about no sunshine. Well done on the sewing front. It looks good. All the crocheting is lovely & I too am not a big fan of the joining of square, but once done they usually look good. Thanks for another set of words, which I'll jot down & place in my camera bag. Have a good week, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  4. Your photos are always superb but it is just possible that the picture of Pepper and her brolly may just be your best yet :-)

    Moss has the right idea snuggling in front of the wood burner, I’ve been doing the same thing. xx

  5. Oh gosh! I've been missing in action for a week and all the fun has been and gone!! I do have a June scavenger hunt post but Im too late to join the Linky thing ;o( I am really enjoying the challenge each month but seem to be a tad slow getting it written up. Oh well.
    Your sunshiny yellow lapghan is gorgeous - lucky recipient! I've never heard of a lapghan though and am guessing it's a portmanteau word?

  6. Love the pets. Your crochet looks wonderful

    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. What a beatiful blanket you start! Your animals are wonderful,and your dog is amazing,greetings from ann

  8. Love the picture of Pepper under the umbrella. She looks so fed up!! xx


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