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Rainbow #30dayswild 4 & 5

After several weeks of gloriously warm and dry days - we have had some much needed rain - and what follows the rain ? 
I am so lucky that my garden is sharing her happiness with us - 
it is so uplifting walking through the paths
accompanied by a low hum
of hundreds of bees.

 And our 'resident' squirrel continues to grow both in stature and character (and cheek!)

#30dayswild #staywild #covid19


  1. Oh my goodness, your garden must be looking blooming lovely. How you pack so much into a small space is amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing & your little squirrel is such a cutie. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  2. How DO you get such vivid colour in your pictures? I adore the squirrel. Such a character. His little feet . . .

    1. Oops, I meant to reply to your last query re my camera! It is an entry level Sony ExmorR 50x zoom, this particular version is not as colour 'rich' as my previous version, which I loved. When I tried to replace like with like when my beloved camera died, the price had gone up somewhat. I bought a different version, my present one. I'm happy with it however I would, if I could afford to, upgrade. Hope that helps.

    2. Yes, it does help. Thank you. I shall make a note of the camera, and next time I'm feeling rich, have a browse in a camera shop . . . I might even hone my picture-taking skills one day . . .

  3. Euphorbia griffithii Fireglow - grr, I have plant envy :-). All looking wonderful, of course. xx

  4. Lovely rainbow post; clever idea from you. It's a bit dull out there so the bright post is most welcome. I have also spotted the new words; thanks!

  5. Beautiful flowers! I love to see the bees and squirrels! Great photography.

  6. Glorious blooms.
    I'm taking part in 30 Days Wild too.


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