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Walk #30dayswild 6

I'm still taking part in the #30DaysWild project - celebrating the 'wildness' of our surroundings, whether up on the hills or wild and windy moors or along suburban streets or in my case today - on university campus grounds.

Youngest had been allocated a 'clear your room out and hand your keys back' slot by his university. We, the parents were not allowed to enter any buildings due to their CV19 restrictions, so we left Youngest to tidy and clear out the room and we set off for a walk.
The campus grounds has a circular route which is predominantly through mature woods - so despite the built up surrounds (the university) and the motorway  - we walked along well maintained paths beneath huge and stately trees.

We followed the path along a long man made pond - a natural drainage point, which had naturalised into a serpentine lake. At the far end were Mallard families, pootling round in the shallows for the ducklings or preening their feathers.
At the other end of the water, quietly pushing through the water lily leaves and 
Ranunculus flowers - a coot intent on finding something to eat.
And another quietly incubating the next generation on a floating raft nest.

The grounds, although still tidy were a little shaggy around edges,
and the birds were making the most of the abandoned playing fields.

Then, once we'd received the call from Youngest  saying he'd sorted out all he had to do,
 we returned to the car - filled to bursting point.

There is beauty in the most unexpected of places.
#30dayswild #staywild #walk1000miles 


  1. I agree with your last comment. I do think it's possible to find wildness everywhere, even in cities. But of course, the more wildness the better, and we have some way to go restoring nature in this country! Lovely pictures - so sharp, even the close-ups.

  2. What a beautiful walk, and it reminds me of one I know, but have not been able to do since lockdown began (what an age ago that begins to seem!). I'm thankful for my garden, which has to be my microcosm of the world at present! But so many wildlife occurrences have passed me by... I suspect 2020 will be the year I never saw a bluebell. Thank you for your kind comment, and, yes, #30DaysWild is proving very enjoyable. When the topic suits me, I am also posting on Miriam Darlington's #30DaysWildCreativity Facebook page.

  3. Looks like a wonderful walk. I have at last left the house to walk. I enjoyed it enormously but there are few places I can safely go so accompanying you 'virtually' on this woodland walk is a pleasure.

  4. A lovely walk, lots to see and keep you entertained whilst your young student tidied his room!

  5. A wonderful walk; oh the ducklings, I love them. My yellow flag iris has not flowered yet. Keep walking.

  6. What a beautiful walk. I would never have guessed you were on a university campus. X


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