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Picnic #30dayswild 12 &13

We felt almost 'naughty' as we jumped into our van (Zeb)
and drove out for a micro-adventure.
Himself had rung ahead to our favourite fish and chip shop
and pre-ordered so that we did not have to queue. Much safer that way.
Then we drove to the Leeds Liverpool canal 
with such silly grins on our faces.
Our evening picnic tasted the best,
the view was the most beautiful,
the reflections sublime.
We were the only ones there.
A few dog walkers on the tow path, 
But just us on the lock.
Social distancing.

Moss was in doggy heaven,
swimming and playing.
She had missed being out too.

 She leapt in so many times,
happy dog.
 We listened with a shiver of delight
to the rolling thunder.
 We watched the clouds fly up,
thunder and lightening filling the sky.
We decided, that as wonderful as our picnic was,
retreat was the tactical (and drier) option.

So, still with silly grins and a happy spring in our steps
we returned to Zeb (his story is for another day)

Something so simple as a drive out in the evening,
a gentle walk along the canal,
an electric sky
brought a song to my soul.

Stay safe xx

#staywild #30dayswild #walk1000miles


  1. Beautiful photos

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. What a treat! I thought it was one of my pictures, seeing a canal with a black and white dog in the distance. Stepping out of routine (which I know you don't have if you can help it) is an adventure in itself. As I've said before, I must do it more often.

  3. And I also meant to say that there's nothing like a happy dog to enhance one's enjoyment. Love the pic of Moss leaping into the water.

  4. Great to see the star of your blog in action again. We've not ventured out much yet but might do in a few weeks' time... Looking forward to an update on Zeb.

  5. Sounds idyllic. Hooray for Zeb and pre-ordered fish and chip picnic.

  6. Lovely Kate & so like what we are doing too, though we have time during the day, being retirees. We take our picnic basket & thermos & enjoy quieter places as we did on Tuesday with very few people around. I so miss canal walking & all that beautiful countryside so I tend to depend on my English bloggers to feed my soul with photos. THANK YOU!!!!! Take care, stay safe & hug hugs from down under.

  7. Wonderful ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿพ. (for all three of you), xx

  8. It looks fantastic beautiful. The photos are wonderful. Beautiful place!

  9. So glad you enjoyed your evening picnic. Just a shame the storm came up sending you home early. Moss looked in her element. Love your lock reflection pictures. xx


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