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Topping up on the blue notes

I'd written a post, waffled a bit, closed it down. Picked it up a day or two later, added a bit, re-read it and closed it down, then yesterday I tried again and decided against it - it was self indulgent meanderings of no particular interest apart from marking the fact that half the year has gone as has the glorious weather .... so I shelved it completely in preference to a more cheery note on yesterday's walk.

I do have some things I want to show and share but as they are gifts - they will have to wait until the recipients have seen them first :D

Yesterday, after lots of indoor stuff 
due to the rain being so ... well.... WET! 
(sewing/baking and the dreaded tidying) 
Finally by 3pm
the clouds suddenly relented and let in the sun and the sky - 
 Moss and I just grabbed the moment 
(as well as a lead, some dog-poo-bags, sanitiser, mask and camera) 
and yomped out. 
I am not sure who enjoyed it more - she or I. 

 Despite the days and days of rain we seem to have endured,
the rivers - although full - were not raging.
They were a perfect 'come and play with me' depth for Moss,
and she heeded their call. 
Her inner otter and her alter-Labrador-guise both came to the fore
and she swam and played and loved every minute. 

 I personally preferred the meadows and the flowers
which have appeared in their masses since the rain.
The air, slightly humid, was filled with a determined buzzing hum
as the bees made the most of the dry afternoon. 
It was such an amazing feeling being back out, 
I just filled my eyes with the blue sky and blue flowers and my lungs with warm air. 
And Moss? well, she filled her whole body with full-on-fun :D

Now, I must stop waffling, I have to set off soon for my volunteering stint at the community shop. A small price to pay - two hours - to help keep this amazing little gem open, so if you'll excuse me I'll be off.  Oops, mustn't forget my mask :) 


  1. Looks like someone is having fun in the water!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Community shop looks lovely and how great to have a library there too. All our nearby libraries are still closed and I'm missing them sorely.

  3. That water is the perfect come and play depth for Lily as well :)
    A beautiful walk out and those clouds looks amazing. X

  4. Great to see Moss having a good time. I'm sure you had a good time too. I particularly liked the photo of her behind the blue flowers, geraniums I believe. But where are the blue skies now?

  5. So long!!! 10 months long!! I hadn't really planned to be away from blogland for so long.....life got in the way..tch! Still...hey ho...I'm here again :-) At present I am offering a Fresh Start Giveaway on my blog to all bloggers worldwide....I had promised myself I would do another giveaway when lockdown finished here in Spain and it has. These photos are so refreshing just what I need in this torrid heat. I love the one where Moss is running towards you. Long cool grass and I bet that river is lovely and cold!! So nice! keep well Amanda x

  6. Someone was enjoying her walk as usual!! Best picture was of Moss posing behind the blue geraniums. xx


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