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What to do when it rains ...

Some things I can do - easily, with minimal instructions or a simple diagram - I am lucky that I can 'see round corners' and with a bit of trial and error - come up with 'the goods'.

Not so with sewing. That is something, for me, that remains a bit of 'those who can and those who botch' type skill and I fall in the latter camp. Recently I have dabbled in cushion making with the almost beyond-my-pay-grade skill of adding a zip and some trouser repair mercy missions.

Buoyed on by my moderate success, I tried something a little more adventurous. 

With the present .... You WILL wear a mask (but not if you can't) type instructions ... being the order of the day, I have gone on line and with thanks to those who can sew and have the ability to make videos - I have learn't how to make double sided face hugging masks. The type you can insert a third additional layer if and when it is required.

I have had help - of the furry kind and I have also had positive feed back by the recipients. So, after the initial tentative makings, I set off again today - ultimately I would like every one to have a minimum of two so that they can 'wash and wear' but with time I will make sure they all have more (I am just very slow at making them!)

So far I have made nine - I just  need to complete today's by stitching the elastic and inserting the pipe cleaners in the 'nose band' to help keep the mask fitting comfortably over the nose and under glasses.  With more good luck that good sewing, I managed to pattern match both the Moomins and the sailing boat fabric - cue happy singing in my head and silly grin on my face :D

If you are a competent 'sewing genius' or a 'have-a-go-henry' like me - the link for this pattern is HERE, I have, as always, modified my versions in my usual fashion!

I was supposed to be working today but the rain soon put paid to that .. in answer to some questions about what I am doing, I am an RHS Level 2, FD garden designer and work alongside folk who have mature gardens and need help with the heavy work. Last week I was cutting hedges (about three metres high and certainly in places nearly two metres wide) and today I was meant to finish off the final section however the torrential rain cancelled those plans!


  1. Oh my! A Moomin mask. I love it.
    I keep meaning to make some of my own but I need to get some fabric first.
    Your 'assistant' is adorable. X

    1. Yes the recipient was very happy with the finished mask! This particular fabric actually came from Finland😊

  2. you are certainly good at making those masks. Even though I do sew my daughter made me three masks and then three for herself, her husband and her three sons. I do find wearing them difficult so I do have a badge for exemption as I am under a Respiratory Consultant any way and my husband cannot wear one either.

  3. Thank you Pat, I was wearing mine tonight as a practice run with the added filter, and it is quite warm and you do notice your breathing more, I need to wear it tomorrow while I work in the community shop, 😊

  4. Oh jolly good job! This mask making lark is not easy (well, I don’t think so) and you have done a brilliant job, especially considering you had ‘Supervisors” crawling all over you whilst you worked.
    I really ought to make a couple more, we only have one each and I know I am going to lose mine before long - you watch, masks will be like gloves, always disappearing!

  5. I've been making masks too but my pattern is much more basic than yours (adapted from some BBC instructions online https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52609777 ). For example it doesn't have a nose clip which sounds like a good idea, especially - as you say - for people who wear glasses.

  6. Clever you especially knowing your affinity with sewing! My neighbour made me one but now I think I will make one for myself using chicken fabric! Thanks for inspiring me again.

  7. They look great, some fantastic fabric choices and a very kind helper! I'm definitely in the "have a go and make it up as you go along" camp, I downloaded the basic pattern and made up my own instructions and got there in the end.
    Hope you've got a drier day today, we have! x

  8. I was waiting for the end , with a cat mask on a cat. ;)

  9. Always good to have a helping hand (paws) and some one to chat too, don't you think? These masks don't look too difficult to make although in my case I would probably need "dummies" instructions to make them....sewing is definitely not my forte!!! I do like the different fabrics too. keep well Amanda x

  10. They look good. Well done, especially as I know you would rather be working with wool than fabric. They look terrific, love the choice of fabrics. xx


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