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Wednesday - at a stretch

A  quiet moment before I start blogging.
A beautiful candle (giving off a wistfully gentle scent) 
and lovely hippy-dippy Zen music filling the room...
Not all is as calm and soothing and gentle as it sounds, I have just done ten minutes of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) and ten minutes of stretches and exercises and I am waiting for my heart rate and breathing to become a little more normal! 

All this gardening I am doing for folk has made me stiff as an old boot, so I thought I would crack out the ol' yoga mat and get on with sorting out the creaks (to my shame, I am not as supple as I used to be - so I shall be working on that!).

Later I shall blitz the bedroom which has managed to get ignored in the tidy-up routine a little too long..... then I am off working this afternoon.  The instructions I received by text last night were ..... Can you do two hours and bring saws!! Xx .... Wonder what I will be getting up to this later :D

I shall leave you with some photos from yesterday's walk post volunteering at the village community shop. I shall share more micro-adventures later on in the week, have a lovely and blessed Wednesday.


  1. I'm creaking too with all this outdoor activity and missing my regular yoga classes in the village. It's not the same doing it at home. I'm impressed with your efforts.

  2. Greatttt as in not!! I was writing the most inspired post and got interrupted I come back and my comments have disappeared...grr!! OK as I was saying...I'm going backwards today starting here and then I will comment on your Adventure posts...that is if I am allowed to!! I have painters in decorating the lounge and hallways and they seem to think I'm their skivvy...drink water or juice ok but fill the bucket...there's the tap..fill it! Where was I ...yes....sun salutations conjures up in my mind Aztecs worshiping the sun...mind you I could definitely do with a bit of that and more I am definitely creaky! Please tell me Hawthorn that those gorgeous garden images come from your garden!! Fabulous..a delight to look at!! Now the comment in the text you received "bring saws" brings to mind lumberjacks and tall trees...em...sorry my curiosity is getting the better of me... what type of work do you do excatly?? keep well Amanda x

  3. Love the poppy flower; I hope I might have some appear in my garden soon as I've had them here for several years. Might have to go and see if I can find any.

  4. Beautiful flowers...and who doesn't love a candle! Jackie...LittleWinterWays.blogspot.com x

  5. It is strange being out and about now, everywhere looks lovely, all hanging baskets and pots in full flower. Our dahlias are late this year, all the wind has set our garden back. xx


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