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Random Monday

*I walked 1.87 miles yesterday - some of you may nod in approval, most will go Huh? really?, that is not far..... well it is not .... until I tell you that I was in my garden. Gardening.....

*My coastal crochet blankie is DEFINITELY on the nautical side. The colours are the most obvious give away, as it the name.....  However, it is the tidal effect on the rows that really confirms it. The tide comes in.... as each row is added, then it rushes out (frog frog frog frog). The tidal motion of my blankie is becoming almost as regular as the real one....

*I had to make 'bribe' scones to keep the wolves at the door happy while the fruit cake cooled enough to cut. The wolves then ate that too ...

*I think Autumn has returned. Summer has wimped out and wandered off.

*I am going to put the kettle on - fancy a brew? I am making the most of a lovely quiet house before cracking on with some work** (no - blogging is not work but I allow myself the pleasure of a mug of coffee and a bit of blog hopping and commenting first thing in the morning)

Hope your Monday is gentle and kind and Autumn lets the sun shine a little more this week (please) xx

**well, I say work - it more like this....

  1. do my sketch of the day challenge, 
  2. contact a local newspaper - see if we can get our art weekend in their 'what's happening' page
  3. measure up slate and sketch out a pony's face for a commission enquiry,
  4. Walk Moss,
  5. Wrestle with a publishing programme on my laptop, I need to convert a newsletter into an email format which is proving to a be a little trickier than I imagined,
  6. Drink coffee/tea,
  7. Paint fea...................shhhhhh secret! Will show these some time - promise, just not yet :D
  8. Mock up a photoshoot we have coming up this week for another magazine interview as part of the art weekend.
There will be more things as the day bumbles along - there usually is :D


  1. Work can take any form surely? Sorry to hear that you are frogging as much as you are crocheting that can be both frustrating and necessary. Love your random monday, hope you enjoy the rest of the day.

  2. Busy, busy, busy. The determined lady just keeps going. Look forward to seeing some of your commissions in the future. Take care & make sure you get some "me" time. Huggles.

  3. Love your sketch. Such a shame you are frogging for England. Before I started my current row I found I was missing 2 stitches... I decided to continue and added 1 stitch at the start of the next row and I plan to add the other one at the end of this row, whenever I next pick it up! It's certainly getting cooler so here comes Autumn.... Grrrrr

  4. Amazing how far you can walk just gardening. Hope you do more crocheting and less frogging on your blanket. xx


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