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Oh yes....
oh yes....
it is finally a ta da - a full blown TA DA!

I wanted to make something for my dear Himself and knowing his love for native wool jumpers, 
decided to knit something JUST for HIM.
I cast on after much trepidation and loads of searching for the perfect pattern.
It must rate as a well traveled wip - going with me on nearly all my walks,
Every time we stopped for a brew,
 my knitting would come out and enjoy the view 
as I managed a row or two....
... some times my knitting could be found posing on walls...
 Pepper loved it then and loves it now....
My knitting even came along to a woolly weekend show 
as an example of what could be made out of native wool.

Then..... suddenly......
I stopped knitting.
And started sewing pieces together.
And picking up stitches on my circular needles
And making the neck..

Then Himself was wearing it!

And suddenly my non demonstrative and non exhibitionist husband 
was posing for me, 
and turning round and round
so I could take photos
of photos

And we were both grinning!

And I might have even been heard going squeeeeeeeee with delight! (several times)

Aaah - just did it again :)

Oh in deedy deedy deed!


  1. Oh that is one lovely jumper Hawthorn - all that RIB - I have to say well done! It looks to be a very good yarn and ideally suited to a man. AND your man looks very manly wearing it. Look at Pepper, how gorgeous and cheeky!
    Joy x

  2. Well done! So proud of you as you have battled hard and long to make him this jumper. Adorable photo of Pepper and good pictures of Himself. Hope he makes it last for ever !

  3. Well done, what a task and the jumper looks so good. Hope your husband gets lots of wear out of it!

  4. It looks terrific - so does Himself wearing it!! Well done, you sweated blood sometimes over the pattern but you stuck it out and it has been worth it. Now to start the next one..................

  5. It looks brilliant, so glad you're both pleased with it

  6. Well done. It looks great and fits Himself very well. One for each of the sons now? :-).....


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