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Allotment soups

For some years now, I have with ever decreasing enthusiasm, been growing vegetables. Each soggy summer assisted the slug invasion, the rotting of plants, blight, mold, scab and to add insult to injury - pathetic crops for the amount of effort I put in. So at the beginning of this year when the winter seemed to be dragging and spring was cold and wet, I came to the decision not to grow anything in my alittlement (it is very small - too small to call an allotment!) so I planted only sweet peas, nasturtiums and borage.

Then summer came. Not with a whimper but with a BANG!! Sheesh. 

Himself's uncle came to the rescue. His alittlement over the summer got busy and produced copious amounts of vegetables - more than he could soup and freeze so he invited us over for cake and coffee and a share of the spoils! 

So far, we've eaten or frozen - leek and potato soup, parsnip and butter bean soup and thick farm house veg and pearl barley soup. (Recipes either used from or inspired by various River Cottage hand books)

Just perfect for lunch on a cold and wet weekend - dunking hunks of bread with lots of licking of fingers - bliss :)

What soups do you make?
Do you dunk hunks of bread? (ooh so naughty)
Do you find it warms you right down to your toes?

Go on spill the beans (or soup them!)

Oh yes - I had a super-bumper crop of sweet peas, nasturtium and borage - thank you for asking......


  1. Alittlement - love it! Oh yes potato and leek soup is one of our favourites. Perfect accompaniment with soup? Crusty bread with butter... better still if you make the bread yourself and I can recommend onion and poppy seed bread or better still tomato and chorizo bread.... oops, I am drooling again, all over my keyboard; apologies for the soggy comment.

  2. I love curried parsnip soup and I thought bread dunking was mandatory

  3. How sweet and kind of your Uncle to share his goodies! We also love leek and potato as well as thick veg soups, and another substantial one, full of fibre, is sweet potato carrot and pumpkin with a good measure of red lentils thrown in - yummy!
    Hubby loves his bread and bread rolls but I have to be gluten free and that bread just doesn't turn one on the same as the 'normal' variety so I skip the happy dunking! But hey - the compensation is chocolate afterwards!!!
    Have a great weekend Hawthorn!
    Joy x

  4. I'm with Angela, curried parsnip soup - delicious! I made it myself once!
    Note to self,"don't over fill the blender!!"
    Roasted butternut squash is another of my favourite homemade soups.

  5. We're soup lovers here ... Green Velvet Soup (a garlic and celery free version) is our favourite at the moment. But cauliflower soup and chestnut soup are also really popular. Oh, and borscht, I can never get enough of that!

  6. Any soup and all of the above. I am just a big soup lover, all year round!

  7. Yep it's definitely soup season! I'm making spicy butternut squash soup this weekend - to go with my Miracle bread, (thanks so much for you lovely comments). The ones you've mentioned sound so yummy. X

  8. We are homemade soup eaters and bread Dunkers here too! We had butternut squash and chickpea soup on our recent trip to Ireland that was delicious. I have a very littlement never thought if calling it that before so thanks for that much better than little veg plot.


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