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What a difference the sun makes

**written last night **

The warm breeze that played through the garden this evening was magic.

It transported me back to my childhood to a particular summer evening in Africa. The air had finally cooled down enough to be pleasant yet still be tepid. I can remember feeling a little chilled as the sun lowered so lay on the rocks to soak in the residual heat.

My husband now affectionately calls me a lizard and he is correct - I love being warm (although I would prefer to be a cat!)

Recently we have been quite creative in the garden - as hinted in my previous post and this balmy evening just called me back out. The blackbirds were garrulous and bumptious in the trees as they settled down for the night while two or three rooks flew over head cawing to each other.

On the whole, the village was quiet, the occasional car and distant shout but not enough to disturb the agreeable bubble I was in. The satisfying scrunch of the soil as I dug at the weeds and that particularly delicious (especially if you are gardener) root pulling sound as you finally wrench a pernicious weed from the ground. Oohf - nice.

Just before it got too dark to actually see things, I wandered into the greenhouse to check on the sown seeds and in my head did a happy dance when I could just about spy the teeniest tiniest green shoots popping up in rows - I will double check in daylight tomorrow - might even take a photo or two (on macro!) as proof.

**written early this morning**


Having waved off the boys (Himself and Youngest) I had planned to come in and finish this post, but the lure of the garden and that same balmy air as yesterday called me out into the garden. That combined with a very persuasive cat had me out watering and wandering through our little oasis. When the UK has beautiful weather it does with such charm and grace (and scarcity!) that it is a shame to ignore it.

I suspect that this enticing weather will keep pulling me out when really I should be painting - good thing I can do that and be in the garden ... :)

What are you doing to enjoy this sublime weather?  I hope you can make the most of it, coz, let's face it, it is not a given in this country so you have to enjoy it while you can!


  1. Sunshine makes such a lot of difference to everything doesn't it? I'm working at the moment - now on a quick breakfast break! - and won't finish until late lunch time but the weather is glorious so I'll try to get out with the dogs this afternoon :)

  2. I've been out and about with my dog this morning and hung washing out and walked up to the top of Clitheroe castle. Now in the staff room at work waiting for my shift to work. Its so gorgeous out there! I'm glad I got to see some of it. Enjoy the sun!

  3. It's just wonderful to have a bit of warmth and the time to enjoy it.

  4. Yesterday was great! I even opened windows in the house.... but today is dull and overcast - boo, hiss, gnash. It is so hard to put into words what a difference sunshine makes. I too am a lizard and know what you mean! Soon you will be able to use a ruler to measure how big your tiny leaves are getting!

  5. Sunshine for us too at the moment, but not the severe heat we felt through summer. In fact we did have a 3.3deg morning this week, then the sun broke through & it was lovely.
    I've also been out & about in the garden, mowing out front, after K did the back, raking leaves (that will be ongoing for sometime), pulling dandelions from the lawn (many), and cleaning up the mess the blackbirds leave when rummaging in out bark chip which covers the garden beds. Definitely not what I'd put on gardens, but in this case it was already here & I'm not removing the mountains of it to then try & work out what else to do. I'm hoping we'll see more of your garden changes & realise what you must enjoy from the studio. Take care.

  6. It's so exciting when seeds pop up out of the soil and mother nature has done her magic.

  7. Spring weather finally got here! People around here usually don't plant anything till May. I can hardly wait to see some of my baby plants growing. Your plants are growing beautifully! Have a wonderful weekend!


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