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wild winds blow

Sitting, listening to the the wild weather as she howls around the garden. The trees are dancing frantically to her frenzied tune.
The comforting calm of the studio - despite the chaotic mess that requires some attention - the scent of tea, the needle clatter of the rain on the windows, the blustery burst of wind around the summerhouse, the arrival of a studio companion - the starting of a new and different commission - all lend themselves to adding up to a gently lovely day.

Don't forget that tomorrow is photo scavenger hunt show and tell.
Keep your eyes out for a new Advent Calendar Count Down


  1. Looks as bad as here! I just sat and watched and listened. But at least I got to the Shedudio today.

  2. The weather sure is throwing all sorts at everybody at the moment. Hope all has calmed down & I'm ready for the hunt. The slate looks "interesting"!!!! Take care.


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