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An 'Elfy' pastime

You know when it has been a good day ... 
when you end up covered in paint and glitter.
The studio today was a hive of activity fueled by liberal quantities of tea and coffee.
What is all this busy-ness about?  Well, we have turned into elves 
and the studio into a festive workshop.
There has been sanding, drilling and painting...
All for a festive winter bash!
Did I mention I love the day job?


  1. Look forward to seeing what it all becomes!!!!! Happy crafting & take care.

  2. Interesting .... cant wait to see more ....

  3. Can't wait to see what you do...

  4. It isn't Christmas without paint and glitter!! Love the end results. x

  5. How beautiful, have you been beach-combing and collecting driftwood?


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