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All change


Thank you all for joining in with last month's scavenger hunt - it is lovely reading your stories and seeing your photos -a snap shot of peoples lives from around the world :)

New words are up - they are inspired by this last weekend's 'goings on', my brain was rather preoccupied with the present and could only think up words that were connected to moving houses.
Eldest and his lovely partner are now safely in their new (first) home. I know that, despite being surrounded by boxes and still waiting for furniture to be delivered, setting up home for them is both an exciting and terrifying time - but it is time, time they started their own lives and Himself and I are quietly proud of how they are doing.
 Any hoo - I was inspired to write something first thing this morning, but now I have set up and sat down, all I really want to do is have a quick shower, do some yoga and get ready for my stint at the community shop.

...And the flowers? Partly just eye-candy but partly to share them, the white roses were from Himself, just on a whim and who am I to disagree, the sunflowers are from Eldest and GF as part of a thank you for helping - their sunny faces (the flowers!) glowing warmly from the corner and finally a small bunch of heavenly scented flowers from my garden.

Any hoo, best wake up Youngest - he worked hard helping shift heavy furniture and boxes. We have had a bit of a move around at home too - he (youngest) had started to move into Eldest's old room and is wanting to complete the change over today.
So, all change.

Have a lovely Tuesday - stay safe, keep your distance and here - have an 'air hug' from me !



  1. What lovely news about your eldest and his gf. Mine will be at home this year for his Masters and then I think he'll be off on work related travels. He's ready to stretch his wings again. Arilx

  2. Thank you - I am getting regular updates of their progress and their home is looking more lovely each time. They definitely get to an age when they are ready to fly!

  3. What a lovely feast for the eyes of all that floral beauty. Hope eldest & GF are settling in nicely. Thanks for our next set of words & thinking cap is on hopefully. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  4. So, once Youngest has moved into Eldest's vacated room, what happens to the 'spare' room? It could make a handy yarn/craft store/work room.... I spotted the words the other day, thanks. Your floral pictures look lovely.

    1. Erhem..... my sewing machine has already moved in, as had my laptop and my yarn is the next to move in!

  5. I can almost smell the sweet pea from here :) and the sunflowers and roses are just lovely ... good luck to your boys on their moving and enjoy the extra room lol


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