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what comes after a Friday?

Saturday of course

Saturday was a day of three parts.

Part 1 
A warm day, warm, warm start. We had late breakfast on a hill high above the sea. But before we could go down to the water's edge, we had a hill to climb. Well, a hill with several mini hills atop. The air felt thick and dry, Moss went from boggy patch to boggy patch, wallowing happily. By the time we got to the top I was very glad I had my hat and a large bottle of cold water - we managed to find a much needed breeze while we sat amongst the rocky outcrop. We scanned the horizon with my spotting-scope. It was lovely watching distance views, small people and even small dogs on the beach, tractors working their fields, motorbikes trundling along narrow lanes, small boats slicing through the water, trains sliding through the countryside.  Our return back to Zeb was a lot easier, not only was it DOWNwards but it was into the breeze - bliss.

The sea was calling and I was not about to ignore her dulcet tones.


Part 2 

We pulled up alongside the beach - a rubbly pebbly scrubby sort of precious strip of land between a carpark and the sea. The air was salty and fresh beneath the jewel-blue sky. The sea pushed out lazy rolls of small waves and cheerfully growing between the pebbles were the smiliest of faces I have seen in a long time.

Moss turned into a selkie within seconds of running into the salty water. I have never seen a dog dive under water and surf instinctively as she did. We worked our way along the water, my eyes just ate the view, skimming over the stones, soaring over towards the horizon, following a skane of gulls flying through the view ... each one a panacea for my soul. 

Part 3
We lingered, the tide slipped out and the pebbles now fringed a wide sand beach strewn with pools of mirror like puddles. The sky turned from a clear blue to a rich apricot splashed with purple clouds making for a spectacular light show.  I made us something to eat and we sat and watched the sun slowing slip down behind the horizon. We dried Moss, wrapped her in a fresh towel, then lifted a tired dog onto her bed in the cab of the van. Packing completed, everything stowed away securely; we looked at the now dark sky, the sun fully gone - time to go home. 

Zeb - thank you for a lovely break - having you has opened our small world into one of many possibilities and advantures. You have given us the freedom to quietly escape and still maintain the pandemic restrictions and you have made a dog very very very happy.

Until next time xxxxx


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Moss is the star of the show!

    1. Oh she was most definitely, and she loved every minute. Moss firmly told us she would like van- life furever!

  2. That is one deliciously tired little girl. Did she snore all the way home?

    So glad you enjoyed your Zeb-venture/adventure - I love my van and clearly you adore yours too!

    1. Moss, fortunately, is not a snorer but she was so fast asleep that we had to wake her up once we landed home!

  3. What an amazing empty beach. The bare empty hills/mountains behind look like Crete or North Africa, not England! And what gorgeous gorgeous pictures of Moss. They warm the heart. :-)

  4. Kate, that was WONDERFUL!!!! I'm just an itty bitty envious. I'm not sure when we'll ever see the seaside again, knowing our 5km limit could be in place till late next year. I do miss the sea. Thank you, take care & huggles.

  5. Some wonderful photographs. You'd think the sky was alight. X

  6. Lovely to see your photos and your new travelling companion :). The sea can definitely restore the soul x

  7. Glorious photos...what colours... takes my breath away!! Amanda x

  8. Beautiful 💘
    We found a similar feather on eskmeals beach. And had glorious sunsets too. X


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