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Final link up party for 2020!

 Welcome all to the last Photo Hunt for 2020 - My Own Choice.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Thank you one and all for joining in with your photos and stories, reading and commenting over the year.
 A strange year but one that we have all shared one way or another.  
I hope that 2021 quietly settles down, 
becomes kinder and the imbalance that we and the earth are going through starts to heal. 
We have lost our empathy with our planet and we desperately need to get it back.  

I won't say Happy New Year 

but I will say have a 

Peaceful, Healthful and Gentle New Year - welcome to 2021

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  1. First time here, hope to post throughout 2021.
    Happy New Year.


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