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As a colleague and I left work this evening - we both exclaimed that 'it is still light!' and we giggled and gave a little skip of delight as we said goodbye to each other.

For the first time in several weeks the evening sky was not a thick black covering. It was a pale grey blue streaked with the remains of the storm clouds.

Wonderful - summer is returning.

Then, to top it off, as I drove home with a silly smile on my face I saw a sliver of a new moon and a heron flying home after a day of forage - Brilliant. That silly smile turned to a huge grin - what an encouraging start to a new year :)

One of my most treasured seasonal rituals, is to walk to is a twisted hawthorn (my Celtic tree) in Grass Wood and stop for a mug of tea and watch the world quietly move through time before continuing our walk over the Dales.

And - of course, with a mug of tea, you have to have something to nibble - the last of the festive mince pies just seemed to fit the bill.

Happy FRIDAto you all



  1. the sky in your last picture is just amazing!!!

  2. A beautiful sky, one to cherish I feel over this new year.
    Hope 2014 is great for you!

  3. Grass Wood, a brew, mince pie and a glorious sky - just what you need to start the new year. x

  4. You had mince pies left???? Think mine are all gone, unless some kind Fairy has hidden a box at the bottom of the freezer for me to discover when we have eaten our way through the freezer! Love the photos.


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