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Things that make me happy

Texting dear knitting friends and family to kick start the knitting year.

Driving home in pale evening light - not pitch black darkness.

Coming home to find my boys have put the kettle on.

Walking at lunch time with giddy dog - she is at work with me now. Don't want to go through the distress of losing her again - she is going gently senile, partly deaf and dimly sited. Bless her, she has been a good dog.


Hearing the cats yelling cheerful greetings. Pepper shouts at the top of her furry little lungs a huge meouwderling hello as I park the car in the garage. Pan sends loud thought and 'eye-messages'.


The fact that despite it just being the festive feeding frenzy - I've not put any weight on! (phew)

Eating freshly made fruit salad.

Planning things for the new year.


Having a relatively tidy house (a rare occurrence with 2 whirlwind cats and two teenage lads)

Having a lovely happy gossippy chat with a neighbour.

Being lent a pair of a football boots instead of having to fork out a small fortune for a short 6 week school compulsory football training scheme. (Especially as Eldest detests this particular sport and tries to avoid the ball at all costs.....)

Sitting in my cozy home, surrounded by my boys (all four *of them) either reading or on their laptops while the radio quietly churns out music and the cats stretch out in front of the fire with smug looks on their furry chops.


To right!

And you?

What has set off your happy button?
What has made you smile today?
What has given you a fuzzy glow of happiness?

*I actually mean three, I promise I only have my three - oops!

Hope you alhad a lovely weeken
and hoping yoalhad a Happy Monday!


  1. A smile and an unexpected kiss from my girl is all it takes to make my day

  2. such a lovely post! my cat coming up for a cuddle this morning made me smile, she is such a love

  3. Today is Seville marmalade making day!!! Make my own marmalade every year, a lovely ritual. Step one done and my fingers smell all orangy, lovely! Big smile on my face.

  4. Yesterday was a very happy and energetic day. De-cluttering, tidying, washing and ironing. I felt I'd achieved something by the end of the day.
    Today, slightly more relaxed, i'm intending to have a creative day, sewing!

  5. Being woken each day by Jak the cat - each day with him is special after his heart scare.

    (Four boys? - a typo? you have adopted a new one? - or we can't count!!) xx

  6. It stopped raining at the end of the day - and it was nice to see it was light a bit later. :)

  7. Whew! That's a relief - three boys not four!! xx

  8. I'm snuggled up on the sofa with a coffee, being leant on by two of the whippets, and catching up on my blog reading ... that's definitely pressing my happy button right now!

  9. Your lovely posts are setting off my happy button and making me smile today Hawthorn, thank you! I have such a lot to catch up on but have just covered a fair few and they get more interesting every day! I was so sorry to hear about 'the dog' going walkabout, then so happy to know he was home again - I know that awful helpless feeling, but you did well to get him back.
    I was happy for you, being given Grandma's knitting needles and all the other crafty goodies that you were so kindly gifted and to see your lovely lace knitting (I struggle with it!) and the old corsets that the old ladies used to wear - and I am thankful they are not a necessity for ladies these days!!!
    I loved hearing about Pepper and Pan with their lovely greeting when you arrive home, and that the sky is still light these days when you finish work - how much better that must make you feel! We have almost 40 degrees today and it's H O T!!!!!
    It was so nice to hear of your ramblings again, the Celtic tree, and your cup of tea and fruit mince pies - you are so fortunate to not put on weight with those delectables but I suspect you keep very active most of the time and have a high metabolism.
    This is a wonderful post full to the brim with your thankfulness for all the good, simple and best things in life and I thank you for sharing so openly and sweetly - I have thoroughly enjoyed it as well as a few of your 'back copies'! Take care and have a wonderful year! Love and hugs, Joy xo

  10. My youngest daughter (5 yrs) was feeling poorly yesterday so didn't go to school. By mid morning she was feeling much better, and said to me '' This is the best day ever because I get to spend it with you Mum, and being with you makes me feel better''. My heart just melted, and the fuzzy glow of Happiness has stayed with me ever since. Oh that girl certainly knows which button to press!
    Have a great week X

  11. Lovley post. I am going to finish a hat for my oldest girl today, she is excited to wear it!


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