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Simple pleasures

A gentle day.
Filled with simple plans and pleasures.
Opening the door to let the cats out.
Slow cooking a vegetarian  curry.
Opening the door to let the cats in.
A bit of homework before returning to school.
Opening the door to let the cats out.
Up-dating the new wall planner with holidays and exam dates.
Opening the door to let the cats in.
Cutting up chrimbly cards to recycle into gift tags.

Opening the door to let the cats out...........

 Listening to a wonderful explanation of the imperial system of measurement 
2 minutes and 18 seconds of measuring madness :)

Enjoying the fact our favourite Scandinavian crime noir with 
Saga Noren (at her strange best) and Martin Rohde is back on TV.

Leaving the door slightly ajar so the cats can sort their own lives out!

And you? 
How is your Sunday? 
What simple pleasures (including being a cat doorperson....) do you find comforting?

Enjoy what remains of your weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. So another Bridge follower then? Excellent stuff!

  2. My Sunday?? Well it is paperwork day... grrr. Also being there for someone who is doing his accounts and keeps enquiring how to do stuff in Excel......

  3. The Bridge was good last night. Looking forward to the next few Saturday evenings. I know what you mean about being a cat's doorman.........we are experts at it!! xx

  4. Thankyou for stopping by, and a Happy New Year to you too. My Sunday has mostly been spent picking up Woody's hat for a small child and making mental lists of all those little things I should be catching up with!


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