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Hebden Bridge 2 - things that made me smile.

  • Hand written sign - what you can not see is the remaining wording hidden by the stone wall - the full sign said 'BOMBFIRE WOOD AND DRY FIREWOOD DELIVERD'.
  • Cafe latte and shortbread hearts as we sat in a warm cafe watching the rain lash against the windows.
  • A lunch of BLTs, Welsh rarebits and salad - yum yum yum.
  • A love message scribed 15 years ago, in the floor of a wonderfully quirky china shop.
  • Rainbow coloured mugs, hand thrown pots, china, plates and bowls stacked high in teeteringly fragile towers. We walked through with elbows tucked in and breath held tight.
  • We left clutching treasures - each choosing a little piece from that shop - Jules - a little taste of the Mediterranean. 

Such colour and jumbled creativity brightened our day in stark contrast of the driech wet weather outside. What jollity and vibrancy - a perfect antidote.


  1. I seriously need some of those cheerful mugs! x

  2. Despite the rain your day was still bright and cheerful. Your lunch looked really delicious, it made my mackerel on toast I had today seem quite bland!

  3. I think you have enjoyed your two days off with eldest and youngest. Love the china shop. Look forward to seeing what you bought there. As for your lunch.............mmmmmm!! xx

  4. Funny signage!

    Loving the piles of pottery too, luscious photos - crystal clear

  5. I'm smiling too Hawthorn - the signage is so funny, and I am now feeling very hungry and it's mid afternoon only so that's not so funny - and the crockery is wonderful, lovely variety and such bright cheery colours. Great post, thank you for sharing your lovely pics! Hugs, Joy x

  6. The food and pictures made me smile too!


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