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life is full of little treats

I have been super hard on myself - I have had to step away from the crafting (well most of it) and give up my knit and natter group (temporarily I hasten to add) all in the name of study.............grrrrrrr.

I do however allow myself a small snatched moment of knitty-licious therapy at lunch time. I can be found in the staff lounge, tongue tip sticking out sideways, eyes screwed up in concentration, knuckles white with activity,  the rest of the staff have got used to my ways...! I look forward to those few short minutes before dashing back to work - it is lambing time and we are super super busy and getting busier by the day.

I must admit that this particular glove (yes glove as 10 knitted little finger covers) has at times been challenging but  I am enjoying this particular challenge and I am LoVinG knitting in brighter colours - the next section has a diamond fairisle pattern in a dusky blue and a mustard yellow and seeing it slowly develop has me grinning like...well.. like a grinning happy thing!

Right - a moment's escape from the clutches of past papers and research, along with a delish steaming mug of herbal tea and a happy chat with you makes the end of today a gently contented one.

G'night dear bloggy friends, will chat again when I can escape my self-imposed woolly exile xx


  1. I never really got the hang of knitting with more than 2 needles. Your gloves are looking good. X

  2. I'm glad you are at least managing a wee bit of work on those gorgeous looking up-and-coming gloves Hawthorn - how can this girl exist without her crafts, I ask you! I wish you the very best with your studies; do you expect to be through with them any time soon? I've been missing a few posts here and there lately again but will catch up eventually - in the meantime, have a great relaxing weekend. Hugs, Joy x

  3. The colours you've chosen to knit with are very vibrant and cheerful. Look forward to seeing the gloves finished. Good luck with your studies!

  4. The colors look good together, fair isle is one of my challenges to tackle. Good luck with all your studies.

  5. I love your descriptions of yourself as a grinning happy thing! Good job your work mates know you well!! Look forward to seeing a picture of the next step in the glove making. Good luck with studies. PS you were missed last week at Knit and Natter!! x

  6. Gorgeous colours :D Good luck with the study :)


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