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Are ewe hare-ing out of sight?!

This evening, Himself, Youngest and I took to the hills to catch the evening light.
As we walked, Youngest and I chatted.
Each telling stories and sharing tales from the day's activities.
We stopped to laugh at the antics of the lambs and chuckle at the size of the still expectant ewes. 
When suddenly Himself noticed a hare.

Look...look... we whispered, too busy watching to think of taking a picture.
We stood quietly until the hare reared up and stared back at us and in that split moment we all thought....where's the camera? Before we could even act, the hare dropped and loped away across the fields.

Hence the rapidly disappearing tail shot......
So I resorted to taking blackthorn blossom instead.... at least they didn't run off at the sight of us!

Thank you for dropping in and sharing an evening walk with us :)
hawthorn  xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Thnaks for sharing this evenin walk ... and these wondeful pics ..; I love them !!

  2. Your expectant ewe does not look too impressed with having her pic taken....

  3. I have numerous photos of hares disappearing into the distance!!! The other week I noticed 2 'rabbits' in a field as I drove by. Suddenly they became two hares mating. Camera was with me but the action was all over in a couple of seconds.....

  4. Lovely light. I so enjoy your rambles.

  5. What a lovely evening stroll, and you were so lucky to see a hare. They're my favourite animal, and I often look out for them but have rarely seen one :)
    Cathy x

  6. Lovely pics and I do love hares. We actually saw one, driving home throught the suburbs here in Ballarat one night. Take care.

  7. Gorgeous light in your photos and lucky you seeing a hare - I don't think I've ever seen one! Have a great weekend. x

  8. I rather like the shot of him disappearing :)

  9. Beautiful photos! I don't think I've ever seen a hare, although I'm so rubbish I might not be able to tell the difference between rabbits and hares.... It looks a lovely walk :) x

  10. I have seen a hare for the first time in Northumberland this past week. In the field in front of our holiday cottage. They are so beautiful. I love them too. xx


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