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(k)not your average wooden heart❤

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my heart--thon,
sustainablemum - Kitty's Cafe is in New Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway - just follow this link,
Aril, thank you -  the silly thing is, I know I write a blog, I know people read it, but to hear that you have read it from the beginning - wow - thank you (you have great staying power!!) x

Today's heart is a little wooden.
I'll stake it out for you.
It is knot a normal one.
You have to see it from a different plane.
If you can't see it - you'll be barking up the wrong tree.
See it yet? If not, then I've felled.
Have I got you stumped?
Wood you believe it? ...
I think I've nailed it :)
As you open the gate, the supporting beam
has a cavity on the corner.
I stared at it.
Then raised to my tippy toes,
lined up the camera..
A hole is my wooden heart
Job done :)


  1. Wow, that's what you call noticing the little things. I can see both. Were you down on hands and knees for the second one. Thanks for little things most of us miss. Take care.

  2. Love your wooden heart. As I read the heading for today's Heartathon I immediately heard the tune and lyrics to Elvis Presley's Wooden Heart. Remember them anyone?
    Treat me nice
    Treat me good
    Treat me like you really should
    'Cause I'm not made of wood
    And I don't have a wooden heart

  3. Clever (and taller than me!) you to spot this lovely heart-shaped hole! Such a sweet post.

  4. Ah that's sweet. How observant are you!?

  5. Love it! Will be making a visit to that cafe! Thank you!


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