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A Heart♥ of duckweed (strange but true ...)

February 2nd - day two of my heart--thon takes us back to a chilly December walk where views and the air were clear and fresh.

We had set off in good light and good humour and walked up on to the moors where the ground alternated between crisp and frosty or boggy and damp! As the sun began to drop down the light breeze chilled to become sharp and biting.
Eldest strode on ahead, shoulders set and gait determined when he suddenly stopped. Turned sharply to the right. Fettled around for his camera. Snapped something, then turned back to me and put up his thumb, grinned and set off again.  Slightly confused and definitely cold, I continued walking towards where he'd stopped. 
And saw this - a small boggy puddle filled with duckweed in a very convenient heart shape! Good lad - I can always count on my boys to take photos for me - got to hand it to him, I would have given this photo opportunity a miss as it was too cold to take my hands out of their gloves. Yet, he did.  xxxx and if you were wondering who took the picture of him - it was Youngest - again saving my hands from the cold! xxxx

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  1. What a fun thing to find.

    I was walking by the river earlier, along a boardwalk the recent floods have dragged a few boards from. There was a sort of heart there, formed by the v of two dislodged boards and the tree root they'd wedged up against. Next time I go that way if it's still there I'll take a shot to share with you :)

  2. Children do sometimes have their uses!!

  3. Well done boys! You definitely know your Mum well and saving her hands from cold is a must for knitters(giggle). I'll be watching for tomorrows. Take care.

  4. You really have them well trained. Lovely heart. Look forward to seeing more. xx

  5. What an incredible heart and a wonderful son! xx

  6. Nature is amazing (and that includes your boys!).

  7. What good boys you have to photo content for their mums blog and for us all to enjoy.

  8. I have read right through from the beginning of your original blog and the hearts along with the advent photos are two features I have really enjoyed.


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