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Sweetie ♥♥ Graffiti

As we walk, we often spot trees adorned with various forms of declaration of love.
Most are fairly crude but to the point.

Some are at beauty spots,
others we have found in quite remote areas, 
miles and miles away from anywhere ... 

However, nature seems to make hearts too
In all weathers, these trees look so wonderfully heart-shaped.
And on a smaller scale, this tree wears it's heart ...

on the base of it's trunk :) 

Sweetie Graffiti = the name given to the carving of your sweetheart's name into a tree :)


  1. I just love the heart shaped group of trees. It is amazing. I sometimes think it is naughty to carve into trees, but they seem to survive and make interesting little pieces of, I suppose, history. Take care.

  2. The heart shaped wood is lovely isn't it. There are so many myths as to how it came into being too. I do know the real story but can't remember it now............

  3. Your eyes are tuned to see such wonderful things! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Love in Nature, how wonderful! I particularly love the heart on the tree in the last two photos :) xx

  5. Glad you included a favourite of mine - the heart shaped wood on the M6 near Shap. I also love seeing them as it usually means we are off on holiday or somewhere special. xx

  6. Oh my heavens, I love that "island" of trees!! Sadly me and my husband never carved our initials in a tree bark. It is so romantic! Wishing you a wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day!!

  7. It hard to believe how many natural hearts :). The Nature is preparing for Valentine's day. Soon we will have Valentine's trees )))

  8. A lovely post full of tree-hearts. I love the one with the waterfall in the background - so romantic, and very pretty.
    Cathy x


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