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The textures of the forgotten

High up on the coast road, Himself spotted these sleeping beasts. 
We drove down and parked. 
Others - I think German and Italian, had also been drawn to these wooden shells.
The vessels had been repeatedly repaired and patched 
but eventually even the make do and mend was not enough to keep these retired hulks viable.
So they sleep,
quietly rot and continue to attract visitors and their cameras.


  1. Interesting pictures. I like such climates. Have a good day Justyna.

  2. There's a beauty in faded glory.

  3. In a way it is sad to see these abandoned old boats but they are still lovely in a strange way, bearing silent witness to a very hard life.

  4. Left to be admired even though forlorn, but they're not forgotten as they are now on this blog post. I love their faded colours and the stories they could tell. Take care.

  5. If only they could talk....what memories of adventures on the high seas they could tell. xx

  6. Wonderful. In a slightly gently, poignant, almost sad sort of way.

  7. Very sad that once they were full of colour and life. Perhaps now though a very safe habitat for wildlife creatures. You never know!

  8. It's so pretty to see wood that the painting is coming off. The purple color of the sea weed is just so pretty.

  9. Beautiful photos. They're rather sad, but very photogenic.
    Cathy x


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