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Now, a word from my supervisor ...

Hello hoomans,
I thought I would paw out a word or two, while she is busy planning her day with coffee in one hand and paint brush tucked behind her ear (why do hoomans do that? My ears are far too precious and busy to have something balanced on them).
I am quite good at this keyboard lark (lark? where?? I need to chatter crossly at all birds - it is an important part of my job and seeing I have such splendid whiskers I will rattle them when I grumble at those silly feathered creatures) now where was I.... Oh yes, the keyboard. I must be good, evidenced by the appreciative shrieks my hooman lets out when I saunter casually over her laptop.

I do, as the studio supervisor, insist on a tight ship - my 'nest', where I spend my day needs to be freshly plumped up and ready for me. If not, then I insist on having the warm prime spot beneath the wonderful daylight cat sunlamp.... 
That usually has the desired result and my 'nest' is quickly fixed. On the odd occasion when my 'nest' has been thieved and has another purry furry in it - I will sit on the floor and I frown and stare and stare and stare at my hooman until this calamitous situation is remedied.
Not only do I take my senior position seriously, often inspecting the work as I walk across the desk, I even taste test the paint water....I purrrfur it when it is fresh and clean but am not averse to slurping it when it is a milky grey colour. Not sure why my hooman thinks this is not a good idea, she puts it there for me, so she must freshen it more regularly!
Some days her desk is such a mess that my delicate sweet paws barely find a space where I can perch my little and purrrfectly formed furry self, I have to make do.... such is my lot as the supervisor.

I might be the smallest, in stature, in this household, 
but I am certainly top dog cat and don't you forget it!

Now, I need my beauty sleep ..... 
good bye bloggy-hoomans, 
time for my cat nap ... yawn. 
Edited to add:  I have just fallen out of my nest and she has the audacity to laugh! There I was, purring and kneading my favourite cuddly and in the throes of kitty-hedonistic-purdom, I.fell..out..of..my..nest - and she laughed at me!


  1. Kitty why is your tail curled around a giant wasp in the first photo? And I'm sure you didn't fall...someone must have moved the nest from under you... you wouldn't have such a calamity befall you surely?! x

  2. No doubt that hooman pushed you....cats never fall off things without intervention from the naked apes.

  3. I notice that Supervisor Pan(dora) is sleeping on the job!! xx

    1. It is Pepper, Pan as our resident princess is too posh to supervise πŸ‘‘πŸΎπŸΎ

    2. Whoops, wrong name - sorry Pepper and Pan, didn't mean to mix your names up xx

  4. Lovely post Kate. Purry friends do fall or maybe tumble, as I've witnessed when we still had our two. I've also seen them run into things like table legs & windows, which one of ours must have thought wasn't there. Pets certainly make great friends. Take care.

  5. Dare I ask where Miss Moss falls in the furry four paws pecking order?

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos, I have a strong willed tabby supervisor too :)

  7. Fabulous photos; love the one of her tail and her paws. Glad she will permit me to stroke her. Can't believe she fell out of her nest too.


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