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casual blather Friday

With one or two exceptions, I have been bare foot most of this week. 
(I love it.)
We have had rain. 
(happy garden.)

I have been bitten by some uninvited flying insect with enormous fangs over night. 
(Not keen on enormous fanged winged beasties.)

I'm waiting in for a parcel, 
from a company I don't recognise for something I can't remember specifically ordering... 
although this has happened before - there are four in the family and only one of us orders nice things,
 the other three order car parts and engine-y type items 
and I suspect that is what I am waiting in for. 
(An MG car fender arrived yesterday ... from California) so - it could be AnYtHiNG!!  
(I shall report back.)

I've been talked into attending a show in a couple of weekends ago. 
Had said I would go initially, then thought about it - realised don't really have sufficient stock - 
well, I have plenty of paintings however, 
they are not suitable for this kind of outing - 
so changed my mind. 
Now, against my better judgement I have stepped into a space created by another dropping out. 
Now this week and next will be filled with lots of creativity 
as I make smaller affordable pieces of art. 
Never mind - good excuse to 'play'. 
(Goes off to get glue and paper and scissors.)
I am discovering or rather being gently reminded 
that I am lucky to be part of a tribe of arty folk 
who are fierce and protective and sharing and kind. 
They are above all, teaching me that there are decent people out there 
and that they are worth searching for. 

(Have you found your 'tribe'?)


  1. Your card styling is lovely. Oh, to have some of your creativity Kate.
    Having bare feet is the best way to be in this weather. Most people think I'm strange when I say I much prefer to drive my car with bare feet but I find it so much easier. X

  2. I too have been barefoot which I also enjoy. But this time have had to as my feet are so swollen I struggle to get shoes on. I am sure whatever you do will be a success.

  3. Barefoot is OK, with no bindi in the lawn!(giggle). Your artwork is beautiful & will be well accepted. My tribe, isn't here in Oz, but a long way off over the sea. You know who I'm talking about of course. One day, maybe, I'll live closer to an arty community, but for now it's OK. Have a lovely weekend, say hi to the family (including animals) & take care.

  4. Love that heart-shaped flower card..... so simple but so beautiful. Barefoot??? Glad it is not compulsory. As you know I'm still in fur-lined ankle boots.....

  5. Love that card. I think you are having fun playing with a new medium. xx

  6. I love your paintings Kate - they'll sell for sure. I've found my tribe here both musicians and singers - wonderful not to have competitors but colleagues. Got the shoes off for a short paddle at the beach yesterday but not warm enough to hang around or get in - still lovely. So jealous that you still have such warm weather - you can come over here to cool down a bit.

  7. I used to spend most of my time barefooted, but for various reasons it is not to be here. I miss it very much.

  8. lol made me giggle you waiting in for car parts... yep I do the same.
    I've been sitting in the deckchair with feet in lovely cool pool of water reading a book this afternoon .. bliss.
    Wishing you lots of sales of your lovely work xx


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