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Monday Monday - so good to me

Heeey hey! Well, if that was the weekend - it went rather quickly!

Just got back from a stint at the walled garden where I volunteer. It is not just good for the garden, it is good for my soul - I always come away with my happy levels well and truly topped up.

Here in Lancashire we have had the most delicious rain and my garden has just gulped it up thirstily and probably could have more. The water barrels around the glasshouse are full and the pond beautifully topped up - now that can't be bad. I can even see the frogs smiling as their heads get splashed by the huge raindrops.

Thank you every one for joining in with July's words - once again you did yourselves proud and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all :) - I do love how we interpret a single word to mean many things to many folk and even though sometimes we all have the same result - the stories are different.

Any hoo - no time off for the wicked and all that - here are August's words - giving you plenty of time to get your scavenger hunting juices working :)

This month's have a slight twist - I have supplied a list of the usual five plus my own choice, except this time the words are homophone.

Huh? I hear you say - well if a word is homophone it is because the word sounds the same yet has more than one meaning :) Please chose one or the other or if you are feeling rather superhuman (and a little smug :D) try them both!

This is not as hard as it initially appears and remember you can use a current image or one from your archives.

My own choice

We will reconvene on Friday the 31st August - til then fellow photo-hunters - have fun xx

Horse Chestnut and conkers - this warm weather has certainly sped things up x


  1. Well those words are interesting and fun. I love word play

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for the list! Homophone - not used that word in years as I had to teach my word processing students all about them, especially at level 3 when they had to know the difference between to/too/two and that's before they had to consider apostrophes! Great fun.

  3. Well that's an interesting idea, I like it. It also makes me a rather easy list this month which is great as I have another busy month ahead.

  4. Good one Kate! I can't believe one of the words you chose, relates to a quilt that I've just been making.(smile). I'll get myself a list together and take it in the caravan....OF COURSE!!!! I'll certainly have plenty of opportunity this month, won't I? Glad you've had some rain & I've certainly been praying for poor old Blighty. We've some areas of western NSW & QLd that haven't seen any for a year or so. Maybe they'll get it while we are away. Thanks for the word list and the big reveal is tomorrow night, so I'll be in touch. Have a good week & take care.

  5. Another fantastic list, what excitement.

  6. It must be about time for my annual join in. I've made a note of the date so I don't forget!


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