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In which I fall in love ...

There are some days that stand out as being a 'good'un' and Tuesday will certainly be on of them.

Part 1....

I had a most wonderful artist's jolly out with a fellow artist and brilliant friend over in Pateley Bridge (a small town that warrants a full day in it's own right) where we stopped off at the King's Street Workshops to see the Handmade Books Exhibition - Envelop held at the Number 6 Studio.

Our day started with a beautiful drive over the moors between Skipton, Grassington and Harrogate, with a most welcome stop at a lovely farm cafe.
We chose to sit outside and admire the view - besides it was a lot cooler with a rather lazy breeze tickling around us.
The King Street workshops were a gentle hive of activity. Not all were open when we arrived but through out the day more artists opened their doors.
Stepping into Number 6 Studio was like having a light switched on - I have never seen so many gorgeous beautiful amazing fantastic intricate detailed astounding hand made little books. We were encouraged to pick up and investigate each book and believe me ... I did....each.and.every.one. And I was completely and utterly bewitched.

I was so engrossed that I only took a few photos (not like me at all!) I moved around that gallery inch by inch. My dear friend who was with me responded to this gorgeous-ness in quite a different way - she bounced from one pretty thing to another and back again - she zig-zagged around me (by this time I was sitting on the floor visually devouring a work book) until she found something that caught her and she stopped and sunk into it's magic.
Not all the books were crafted in paper, there were some beautiful fabric versions - felt and tweed and others that felt and smelt like something out of an army tank. Rusted, bolted, oiled and decorated; they had been inspired by the artist's father's workshop.
The fabric books told stories, some very emotional. One in particular was a record of the creator dealing with a personal difficult process. She explained, carefully, the underlying reason for her book and I looked at her work with new eyes.
It was a really beautiful day - I was truly inspired.

Part 2 next time xxx


  1. OK Kate. First, that drive over the moors brought a lump to my throat, along with all those places you mentioned. Secondly, it must have been the most "AMAZING" exhibition. Very intricate & small is hard for me to manage these days (eyesight/hands), but I so enjoy seeing, thinking about the process and end product of what others' achieve. Thank you & I look forward to the next installment. Have a lovely weekend & take care.

  2. Grr, Blogger won't let me sign in as me . . .

    What a beautiful day out, I can see why it captured your heart :)

  3. So glad you went to this exhibition and shared it with us. Just can't find the time to visit but it looks amazing.

  4. Oh WOW! I love, love handmade books and keep telling myself i will have a go, 'one day'. I will, I will....

  5. Look forward to seeing the next installment Kate, there are so many very talented people out there. Love the last one ,was that a dorset button. I have itchy fingers now.

  6. What lovely books. That drive and cafe seems worth exploring. Driven through Pately Bridge but never explored it. A wonderful day out. xx

  7. I ,love the fact you sat on the floor 'reading' books, it bought back great memories of a local bookshop where I spent a fortune on books fro myself and my two children. We could spend an hour sat on the floor whilst they choose the book they were each having you can't do that on Amazon with a Kindle.

  8. My friend Sheila is exhibiting her books in that group - it's a brilliant exhibition isn't it x


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