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Scavenger hunt January 2018

Our first walk of the year was on a rather dull (but fortunately dry) day. One of the photos I took was the one above.  I'd noticed the far distant view of the sun trying to squeeze through the clouds. It was only once I was home and downloaded the pictures - the first thing I saw was the yellow warning sign.... oh. Wish I'd noticed that sooner - I would have moved to the left and taken a better image. Sigh. 

Starts with an .... O
Oh Moss!

I have a friend who just knows. 
 - thank you xS

A small shell on a sandy beach one summer, found by a small boy and proudly shown off - treasure indeed.

We always take down our chrimbly decorations down on New Years Day - it feels right - It is the first day of the new year so sweep everything clean and start anew. 

We, over the years have collected a number themes ranging from the traditional of red and gold, Scandi-style of silver, white and wood, Victoriana style, all green, natural (cones, twigs, cinnamon sticks etc), vintage glass and finally - the above ornaments in the image. 'Bollywood' style. 

Youngest wanted them a few years ago and I must admit being rather taken aback at his choice but as he was so insistent, I buckled and bought them.  He was correct. They looked fantastic on the tree - the colours popped and the tree looked really festive. Strangely now, every year when I throw out the question of .... 'what theme shall we have on the tree this year?.... No one chooses these??  Any hoo - where was I? Oh yes, colourful ... when I was putting the decorations away this year - these jolly ornaments spilled out of their box and reminded me that once again they have been overlooked. May be 2018 will be their year?

my own choice
July 2016 was a holiday of dreams. It was not only a wonderful holiday on a small sandy island in the Outer Hebrides where my heart simultaneously broke at the beauty of it and was healed by the beauty of it...... it was there that I realised that where I was working was breaking me and I should leave. For that - this little island and that particular walk in my photo - will always be precious to me.

Ok, that's me done, off to see what you lovely lot have been up to :) xxx


  1. I love all your images but 'Oh Moss' really made me laugh out loud.


  2. Great photos Kate, but the one I love best, just has to be Moss!!!! Oh, is so right. Love the wild meadow on the island too & remember your quandary. It certainly brought you artistic talents to the fore with so many appreciating them. Take care, many thanks for the hunts & huggles.

  3. Lovely photos. Love Moss. Love the Christmas decorations, just put those ones on the tree next time, and just lights. We always take ours down on 1st January too for the same reason

    Julie xxxxxxx

    I have a new blog just for Scavenger Hunt now https://juliesscavengerhunts.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Lovely photos especially the sunshine. I'm all about light too at this time of year. We've got two strings of non festive white fairy lights which brighten the sitting room and my mood.

  5. Gorgeous pictures as always Kate, very hard to choose a favourite. The muddy puppy is such a familiar sight:)

  6. All lovely photographs but just look at Moss! I had to chuckle.
    The last one obviously evokes strong memories. It's often not the picture that is taken, but what was happening at the time that makes it important. X

  7. 'Oh, Moss' made me smile Love found and light too. Your own choice is obviously very special to you:)

  8. Oh, beautiful mucky Moss!

    Love your final photo and the powerful sentiment behind it.

  9. I think Oh muddy Moss is going to come out as clear favourite. I love the innocent look on her face. Xx

  10. Like most of the others, Oh Moss is the outright winner closely followed by that meadow. You made the right decision re work!

  11. I just love Oh Moss too, our new goldie Effie is like that most days she goes out clean and comes back covered in mud,sand or worse badger poo which she loves. Needless to say we don't.The Hebrides and the meadow just lovely

  12. Your Herbridean meadow is beautiful, it would make a lovely calendar picture.
    That is one dirty dog!

  13. Oh dear I am not sure how I missed seeing that there was a Scavenger Hunt this month. Lovely photos especially Oh Moss! Was the little Hebridean Island North Uist? I am so looking forward to my trip there in August. Lookung forward to seeing all the wild flowers and birds. X

  14. Moss had obviously been having a lovely time. Lovely detail in your Found photo.
    Thank you for hosting again in 2018, I really enjoy taking part each month.

  15. That photo of Moss would make me want a dog - made me laugh - he looks so pleased with himself :)
    The Lava lamp is gorgeous - I love the mood they create and they smell wonderful. And the yellow patch in the light is really hopeful. Thanks Kate for continuing to organise this x

  16. Keep returning to look at your photos, especially Moss; she looks to be in doggy heaven.

  17. I just love the photo of Moss, it's a classic! :)


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