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I followed my heart and it lead me to the 'fridge....

Since leaving full time work it has taken me a while to 'find myself' again and re-discover my love for a number of things. 
I'd denied myself anything too creative beyond knitting and crochet. Gardening became a chore of the-weekend-weed-dash, reading was for people who had the energy and  I'd forgotten that I like to cook.  Not LOVE to cook - no, not that dedicated! But I used to like cooking nevertheless. 

Himself enjoys his food (but remains as lean as a bean pole - sigh) and the boys have the same outlook and leanness (not trying to sound bitter .... I look at food and feel the calories layering themselves on me!).
Not really sure what the tipping point was from the 'liking' to the 'perfunctory' when it came to my cooking style but I suspect a heady combo of having small children, one who was bordering on being an 'airplant' (goodness knows what he ate yet he still grew) and another who was a 'mangetout' (but only with his favorite foods) and the all consuming work. 

I would come back drained, have no inspiration and would reach for anything Child A might eat some small token of, Child B who might eat all but only if he liked it, Husband with hollow legs and me who would look comfortably round yet be starving on the inside. Sigh.
Any hoo, fast forward several years - Child A and Child B are now both young men and both taller than me, Himself is still lean while I am still comfortably round.... (and learning to love myself as I am).
Where is this, you might ask, all leading too? Well, I have quietly re-discovered the kitchen is not longer a combatant zone where I go reluctantly and aggressively defend myself against the pots and pans.  With a different mind set and a bit of a plan - the meals now come out are far healthier and fulfilling (in more ways than one) and I remain reasonably calm.

For the more technically minded (or persnickety) of you I am trying to maintain a vegetarian based gluten free diet with the occasional token fish for the carnivores in the family. So far so good. We all seem to feel 'good' on it. It is early days - still time to fall off the chuck wagon and return to my old ways (will endeavor to avoid this particular pitfall) - just might even share a recipe or two here as well :)

As for the pictures which all seem to be predominately baked goods? Most of them are from Eldest's new cell phone as he tries out his camera. I promise there have been well behaved and healthy options too - except the evidence has been eaten!

Nuff now - best get to it - things to do, paintings to.... errr..... paint and tea to drink - speak soon x


  1. I used to 'cook for England', make jams and chutneys and cakes and biscuits and and and BUT recently I've started to view meals as the need to put food inside myself and Beloved's bodies. Thank goodness he is not fussy. Perhaps one day I might feel like cooking again but now anything I do is simple; all the more so that I now have a helper whom I can persuade to do some chopping in the kitchen......

  2. I watched some guy on t.v this morning describing cooking as meditative as you are focusing on one thing. I kind of agree but not when it comes to endless chopping, that irritates meπŸ˜‰ Your baking creations look delishous. Carry on baking xx

  3. I've been thinking of asking my blogger friends to post some recipes, so yes, please do post. I try to stick completely to gluten free (except for the occasional croissant ... cannot resist!), my other half is dairy intolerant and we try to eat mostly vegetarian! So the kitchen has become an area of constant head scratching and "what do you fancy for dinner?" questions - it's must do and do quickly, only to be thought of when hunger strikes. I would love to be more organised cos I love a day of cooking for the freezer when time allows and it really takes pressure off.

  4. We've been doing some new veggie recipes [me who really doesn't like cooking] and so far we've done veggie quesidillas and spiced swede fritters this month. Next week I'm having a crack at pea and horseradish soup. However, my favourite meal is like tonight's homemade defrosted leftovers!

  5. The new phone takes a cracking picture.

  6. Those look absolutely delicious. I think I can even smell them. xx

  7. It all looks yummy, but I know where you are coming from with going off the loving to cook, and yes, it needs to be done. We eat as healthy as we can & unless we are on the road travelling (we do take picnics a lot), I make most things from scratch. I eat small amounts of meat, though Hubby seems to think the main meal must have it and I do have a bit of a love for something teeny & sweet occasionally. My biggest trouble at the moment is that I don't like my kitchen, as it is laid out all wrong & just doesn't work. Probably designed by a male. Take care.

  8. Mmm, all the baking looks wonderful.

    I too used to love to cook, but decades of HAVING to fix supper every night gets old, really old ....


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