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Words for February

WoW - what a lovely response to the photo scavenger hunt! Such a brilliant variety of pictures and stories - I love being able to visit you, read your tales and see the images - thank you all for joining in! It has been great popping in and commenting on NeW photo-hunters too x

 And while I am on it - HELLO to my new followers - welcome to my corner of the world - I hope you enjoy the ride :D it makes me really HaPpY to see you!

Now, February 2018 is a particularly awkwardly placed month for our hunt, so I did dither a bit which day to choose.   Any hoo - for the more keen (I'm looking at you Jayne!!) here are next month's words.

..... drum roll please....

February's Scavenger Photo-Challenge starts here!

Begins with a...J
My own choice

All you need to do is be inspired by the list. 
interpret it as YOU please - think outside the box, 
think laterally, collect photos,
either freshly or from your archives
 and most importantly - have FUN!

Ok, it is now down to YOU - we shall reconvene and and reveal our pictures and a little bit of waffle, towards the end of February (starting Friday 23rd).
How exciting is that! 
I can't wait to see what we all come up with!


  1. I am so happy I joined your scavenger hunt last year, I have great fun looking in the archives and my surroundings for inspiration

    Julie xxxx

  2. "Tries to look Innocent"

    What, me? What have I done now?

    {{giggling} thank you for the February list, I shall give it some serious thinking whilst I continue binding the TATW quilts.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the completed TATW quilts in all their glory and in situ :)


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