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Sunshine between clouds

The tree outside the window is quietly shedding the raindrops it accumulated over night. It is still dark so the streetlamp has highlighted each one like a shimmering fairy light. Pretty. Pretty cold too.

So far this year we have spent most of it under a layer of dull grey stuff, the weather stubbornly remaining sullen and driech. We have had a few crystal clear eye bright days where the sky is so blue you drown in the unending sweep of it, but they have been few and far between.

Thank you everyone for your comments about my moist studio, it seems that finally the 'tide is turning'. From the moment I found the water marks on the floor, I have been recording the waxing and waning of the water ingress with pen lines around the seepage. Finally the lines seem to be receding. Meanwhile the insulation at floor level has been removed and is presently drying out on the radiators in the house - so my home gently smells of the scent of warm and drying sheep..... not bad actually!

However, despite the dullness of the weather, there has been a beautiful and bright act of kindness that has shone through.

I have a kind and thoughtful blogafriend who lives a long long long way from me. In 2016 she and husband came over and we met up, along with other bloggers - Jak and Lovely Lady. We regularly communicate with each other, either by email or 'phone and certainly through blogging.
She'd commissioned me to paint Daisy for mutual blogafriend as a chrimbly gift and as by way of thanks she mentioned that she had UK family over for chrimbly and when they returned, she would slip a little something in their luggage as a gift for me as long as he had space.

So, a few days ago, I received a text from an unknown number however, the message soon explained that it was from Susan's nephew, now returned from his holidays in Australia. We arranged a suitable rendezvous and with a few moments of not-quite-being-at-the-correct-place we finally met and after a quick chat (the nephew was still at work) I was given the 'little something for me'.
There was nothing little about it. 
It is a beautiful work of art.
A thing of beauty!

Red heart Icon 48x48px I was touched - so much work had gone into the making of the quilt that it made my heart ache - thank you Susan - above and beyond anything I was expecting - thank you sweet lady - it is a thing of beauty.

No wonder, Susan, you mentioned 'as long as he has space'!Red heart Icon 48x48px

While I was typing this post out, I had my beautiful quilt on my lap (the room is still cool despite the fire) there was a modicum of wriggling on the floor. So I looked down.....

Somebody wanted a piece of the blankie-action... 
So - approval all round then!!

ThAnK YoU!!


  1. Such a lovely post & I'm truly grateful to have you as a friend. Thank you. I'll admit to laughing out loud on the last photos & K asked what was wrong & I showed him & he laughed too. Pets do love quilts, whether made or in the making. My 2 late cats, could always find one to sit on, under or play with blocks arranged on the floor. Hope the weather soon warms a little with bluer skies. Take care & huggles.

    1. thank you dear friend - it will be treasured xx

  2. a beautiful gift...and obviously the appreciation is shared!

  3. Oooh, lump in throat moment. Both at seeing Susan's glorious gift (her generousity clearly has no limits) and then seeing your darling Moss getting in on the action. A certain four-footed member of the family definitely appreciates quilted 'blankies'!!

    Thank you for showing your stunning painting of Daisy. I am quite sure any of your blog friends who also visit Bag End will recognise her immediately, your painting is SO good. xx 😊 ❤️ 🐾

    1. Thank you Jayne, I knew you would understand as a fellow dogophile, quilterholic and all round lovely person xxx

  4. It's so beautiful, a precious gift. X

  5. It is absolutely beautiful. Kate had it for our first Knit and Knatter meeting yesterday and did a 'show and tell'. We all ooohed and aaaahed over it. I must admit a thought did cross my mind...it had to be a male relative who brought it back, any self respecting female would never had that much room in her luggage for it!! 😊 xx

  6. Stunning gift, how lovely. It looks like Moss approves of it too.

  7. Oh wow! that is so beautiful.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. Wow, it’s stunning, quilts always amaze me since sewing is a talent I just don’t have. I absolutely treasure one made for me by my grandparents, probably the first thing I would think of in a fire (after humans and animals of course). Moss looks very appreciative! x

  9. How beautiful! Truly something to treasure - both the quilt, and the friend.

  10. A wonderful quilt; being a sort of a quilter (not up to Susan's standard) I can appreciate the work that had gone into it. Now I'd willing have brought it back in my suitcase as I'd want to keep it for myself! Clothes can be easily replaced!


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