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Bit of a bird brain!

Over the weekend was the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch and for the first time this year, I joined in. Previous years I was deeply ensconced in a working day and could only observe as a passive viewer and last year I was not settled into myself and although I did think about joining - all I did was think a fleeting thought which quickly then fleeted off....!
However, this time, I have already been quietly logging down my feathery visitors to the bird table when I am out in the studio. There have been moments of joyfully silently squealing (so not to frighten the birds off) when seeing something new to me and moments of quiet smiles when sparrows visit or robins posture.
I do grimace somewhat at my regular squirrel visitor. She has finally got the message (in the bottle) when after many various attempts to squirrel proof the feeder I finally found that having a large 2l pop bottle suspended on the post so far has flummoxed her. She is not stupid and it will only be a matter of time when she has worked out how to get passed my weedy human efforts :)
Any hoo back to the Big Count. Thank goodness they run it over three days and it can be done at ANY time because the usual weekend activities and the vagaries of the weather did hinder me somewhat - but I did finally get my count in *yAy* happy me :)
Did I sit with note book and mug of tea? 
Did I happily graze on the home baked bird bites as planned? 
Did I by 'eck!! 
Of course not, I did manage to tick off the birds in between framing pictures and listening to a podcast - thank goodness they have got used to me wandering around in the studio and my movements did not scare them off :)

Now, I don't consider myself a 'birder' or 'twitcher' or even as far as an enthusiastic amateur - but they do bring me pleasure and their place in this world is important.

I thought I better also let you know that this year I won't be doing the heart--thon, a combination of being busy and not having enough images to do the usual 14 days worth - if you have been good and collected your images, please do go on ahead, I lve seeing everyone's photos and stories. 
Best stop waffling now, I've just noticed my brew has gone cold, so I have been sitting here a bit too long! Have yourselves a good Tuesday and if the sun isn't shining don't worry - be your own sunshine :)

love hawthorn ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


  1. Really great pictures especially of the robins. And lovely to see the Nuthatch. They must all inspire you in your art. X

  2. Great pictures as always Kate - I got the pack but didn't actually manage to take part either this year or last, but it is such a joy watching them at the feeder. We now have a squirrel visitor as well, but they're so rare here I'm still in thrall and loathe to chase it away.

  3. Simply amazing the pics of your feathered friends. We've got a squirrel family - 5 of them - helping themselves to the birds goodies.

  4. Perhaps you and the squirrelly thing need one of these: https://www.rustyduck.net/2013/04/27/give-us-a-twirl/

    Or a gun . . . yeah, on second thoughts, just go straight for the gun. After all, you know what I think about grey squirrels.

  5. Great photos especially of the robins and nuthatch. We have pesky squirrels too, four of them and each eats from the bird feeders in a differrent way, we smeared sunflower oil on the post once and watched one them sliping down with a bemused look on its face but it soon found out if it jumped higher it could miss the grease and still get the seed! Those bites are delicious, we still have a few left:)

  6. I was not really around to take part in the bird watch but am glad you did! I see our 'shared' nuthatch was visiting you. Shall I send my sparrowhawk your way???? Been quiet on the bird front here of late....

  7. I love doing the bird count, you have some super pictures too.

  8. Lovely pictures. Have fun trying to defeat the squirrel!! We gave up. xx


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