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New words for September

A rather cross Pepper-cat as she realises we are off on a walk.

Thank you everyone for joining in with the photo hunt - once again they were a delightful mix of entertaining and sharing but I have to say that Louise using 'My Own Choice' to reveal a wonderful and carefully planned secret deserves the gold star this month - congratulations.

As I type this, the house feels very quiet and empty - every one is off out at work, the cats have slipped off for an all essential cat nap and Moss is at the vets having surgery. :(

We were out walking yesterday - a most wonderful one (bar the Moss and barbed-wire-fence-torn-leg-incident) which I will blog about properly later on in the week. 

What I will share with you today are this month's (September - what already?!?) words.

Brightly coloured
Upside down
My Own Choice

A photograph inspired by a word, 
words inspired by the photos. 
September's Scavenger photo-hunt list 

Remember to think laterally, interpret as YOU fancy, be it a current photo or a favourite one from your past. We'll reconvene and post our words and photos from Friday 28th September -  have fun!


  1. I love the photo of Pepper - that little face looks just so adorable and made me laugh and go 'awww' both at the same time :) I hope whatever damage Moss did to herself isn't too serious and she'll soon get better :)

  2. Love the cat. Hope Moss is ok after all this. We had a cat who ran up a chainlink fence and damaged the pad on her paws. Got fixed, went straight out and did it again. I think she enjoyed sleeping with us, so she could rest her bucket on head between us, too much.

  3. Poor Moss; hope she is soon better. I was only thinking about the next word list and here it is. Need to get my thinking cap on, when I've found my brain cell.....

  4. Sending huge hugs to both you and Moss, many years ago we had a "barbed wire and inside of thigh" incident with Ollie and it was not a good time for anyone.

  5. Thank you for the new list, and for the mention! I'm glad you enjoyed news!

  6. Thank you for the new list. I hope Moss will be okay and home running around again soon:)

  7. By the time I write this, I do hope Moss is home & doing well. That new list is on a different note, to the last one, but I'm up for the challenge. Love the look you captured on Pepper's face. Take care.

  8. How very dare you get that dratted map out!

  9. After seeing Moss on Tuesday I think she is really enjoying the fuss. She was a brave little dog. As for Pepper.......that looks says it all! "I want to go our too". xx

  10. That cat is absolutely adorable!! I love that cute face! Hope Moss is doing well after surgery.

  11. HAHA...bet this is really fun. I love the pic of the cat with the map. Adorable.


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