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September's photo hunt

Not really sure where the day goes. I know I am a class one procrastinator, I know I am a fritterer of time and collector of dilly-dallying however I also know I am busy with an art festival, busy with the comings and goings of adult or near adult children (who drift in and out like wild birds - stopping long enough to rest and to feed then fly off again) I know I get involved with groups and friends and I know I need to have space and time to myself - more than I used to, much more.

I also know I berate myself each time with what ever I am doing.  I should be doing this or rather that or could be-should be-can be-would be. So, with that - I am now going try and complete this month's word hunt .... I would ask you to wish me luck however it would probably be wiser to look at me with a light look of despair and a pointedly folding of arms. Either would probably be helpful in giving me the essential punt of encouragement.

Tally ho.

Brightly coloured
I have this wonderfully eccentric friend who has a style all of her own. All through summer at our knit and natter group she randomly selects brightly coloured yarns and using two contrasting strands will knit herself a chunky winter scarf. There is no reason or rhyme to the pattern and by the end of each summer she has her scarf. There is always a ceremonial 'wrapping around of the neck' moment to check it is done, then with a self depreciating chuckle will cast off. Around her feet and tumbling out of her bag are her yarns in various stages of pupae - unraveling and tangling, label-less and in a colourful brawl. We all agree she has that 'effect' on yarn - for as soon as she is in touching distance - the ball of wool or yarn regurgitates itself in a labyrinth of knots and loops.

Upside down
I have been toting my camera around (not a chore as it is usually is my co-conspirator when I am out and about) in the hope of the perfect reflection.  After a month of windy, rainy inclement weather - I could see I was not going to have a current image and so resorted to a mug of tea and piece of fruit cake for comfort as I trawled through my archives.

A stone bridge not far from Chapel Style in the Lake District. Bosh.

Some times my brain can surprise me at her lateral thinking - this one is a perfect example. I was about to go and find the image I'd taken of inks as part of an art project when .... I was reminded of a moment, when I lay on the floor a week or two ago, on a stone chipping carpark and took a photo of these ....  Coprinus comatus - the shaggy ink cap mushroom - which according to the boffin that Professor Goodle - is a fungus often seen growing on lawns, gravel roads and waste areas.  You can see in the distance my other companion - Bob - I have not even closed his door in my haste to get this photo ....


I dislike the restrictive qualities of a 'coffin' shaped sleeping bag - the name itself is enough to put me off and for years I have used a rectangular one until eventually the zip broke. We tried rather unsuccessfully to replace like for like. Technology has moved on and for what we need - an affordable 3 season sleeping bag for some one with restless legs - a roomy one did not seem to exist. Until that is ... we discovered one described as ... for those star fish sleepers .... ME!
So now I have an almost circular red and acid green snuggle sack - big enough to sit cross-legged inside with the hood up and over my head - perfect for wild camping.  My photo is taken from the inside of my bag, sitting up as I wait for my coffee to cool enough to sip.

Although, in my own art style,  I do not feature repetitive  'patterns' preferring landscape or sea and skyscapes - it is with photography I am drawn to shapes and repetition. Old benches with their ornate iron backs, decorated wrought iron gates or railings, striped fields freshly mown, sand bars ridged and furrowed as the tide recedes. The regularity of woven fabrics or knitted garments. Patterns that I find difficult to replicate by pencil or brush preferring to offer a representation rather than a faithful copy.

My own choice
An image from the walled garden during summer. After a rather disorganised and disheartening  beginning which myself and the other volunteer persistently slogged through, to the end of a happily colourful and bee and butterfly filled garden - we have loved 'our' walled garden. Sadly it looks like this particular gardeny-guise will vanish and the space will take on a new personae - we, the volunteers, are staying to assist the 'powers-that-be' and help make it as best we can - but, for us,  it will not be the same.

So. There. Completed it - as usual it has taken longer than I anticipated but seeing how driech it is out there - may be sorting images and drinking tea is not a bad option.

Off now to see what you lovely lot have got up to this last month.


  1. Wonderful images, it's hard to pick a favourite but I think the upside down reflection just has the edge :) I've only half-done mine this time as I've been away and only got back on Tuesday afternoon but if I can finish it in time I'll post it :)

  2. Lovely set of pictures again this month. That orange wool is so bright and what a lovely story about your friend's scarf. I remeber my mum using two strands to kint squares which she then sewes together to make woolen balnkets that got sent off to wherever theywere wanted, never as bright as those wools but a wonderful pattern emerged with the randomness of the wools.
    My favourite is the cast iron chair with a coat of arms in the middle of the back, I am rather collecting photos of bits of metal at the moment.
    I hope you have been enjoying the sunnier weather at the end of the month, whilst you can.
    Once again thanks for your work organising the hunt.

  3. Inspired choice for ink. I wish I had thought of that. Your wild camping bag looks cosy and reflection is a great choice for upside down. X

  4. Love to see your friend's scarf, it sounds wonderful. Love the photos especially the gates. Oh the garden, let us know what it turns into...........

    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Your photos brought a huge smile to my face. Best one (for the memories it evokes) is Colourful. Why didn't I think of Shaggy Ink Caps as I have some in my garden? Pity about the future of the walled garden.

  6. Beautiful photographs. The ink was genius. I especially like the pattern one. I am glad I am not the only person to take pictures of gates.

  7. Lovely photos - perfect reflection. I said OUCH in my head at you laying on a stony car park and then getting up again!
    I'm not likely to want a sleeping bag ever again but how I would have loved a round one. I always had to have mine unzipped right to the bottom so I could stick a foot out - which made keeping snug rather difficult!

  8. I can't believe how like me that fiirst part of your post sounds like. I'm a shocking procrastinator & struggle trying not to feel I should be doing other things. I love your interpretations & love your pic for ink & wonder what passersby would have thought. Also the gate is fab. Thanks so much for this hunt & take care.

  9. Your opening statement just sounds like me, often overwhelmed with the amount to do, or want to do. Today is a good day I'm getting s**t done:)
    wonderful set of photos love the bridge reflection.
    Amanda x

  10. Great photos! I love the last photo, your own choice and your upside down photo too. I also loved your description of your knit and natter friend and her scarf:)

  11. Great shot for upside down. I considered doing similar but found an alternative. I also went for inkcaps, but mine were glistening inkcaps. Great minds think alike!

  12. Love the bridge.
    We've got those mushrooms at the community garden, why didn't I think of that?
    Knit and natter with friends is food for the soul - never think you should be doing something else whilst doing that.


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