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Autumn, you are here. 

And instead of feeling sombre, I shall rejoice your arrival. I shall think differently (or at least try to).

So - today I challenge myself to a month long celebration of autumn - 
I shall draw, I shall create, I shall bake.
I will walk and will breathe, I will crochet and I will garden. 
Each day I shall do something that embraces the changes in the season, 
the taste of the air and the colour in the trees.
I will listen for owls, watch stars in the darkening sky, 
listen to the rain on the roof, 
appreciate the colour of the autumnal evening skies, 
I am going to practice self-care.

I started yesterday with baking a fruit cake, filling the house with a rich warm and comforting scent. Himself and I walked late evening, after a day of heavy showers - and witnessed the sun sink behind the rain-heavy clouds which had swirled around us for most of the week. The air was fresh and damp and after being cooped up inside most of the day - glorious. 
I am part of a fairly irregular 'sketch a day' group on facebook, however for September I will be sketching daily while I drink my early morning coffee.
Barn doors, Bleak Bank Farm and door handle detail

Today, the second day of September, I have planned : 
art - lots of slate and canvas prepping, 
lighting of incense, listening to music 
and because today seems dull and overcast - fairy lights.
Later with Moss, on our walk, 
I will quietly forage seed heads and dried grasses 
and make an autumnal wreath for the door.

I hope I have inspired you to celebrate autumn and to practice self-care.

Thank you everyone who joined in with last month's scavenger photo hunt. Welcome to Joanne of Joanne's craft and adventures, thank you for joining in for the first time :)

September's words will be on a theme - autumn of course!

Cosy, Changing Foliage, Scarf, Cobweb, baking, my own choice.

Have fun, keep inspired and speak soon xxx


  1. New words! Thanks. Yes it is time to get my thermals out.... Not a problem for a repeat of cobweb. I'll have a quiet panic for a day or two and then get my photo head on and get sorted!

  2. Autumn is on its way isn't you can feel it in the air in much the same way you can feel Spring. I am ready for its arrival now. Love the September prompts and really looking forward to be inspired by them to take some photos this month.

  3. Oh, I missed doing my wordhunt, but will certainly join in this one, though my seasonal maybe somewhat skewed. I love your idea of what you are doing for September & I'll set myself a
    challenge to make the most of the first month of Spring. The cake certainly smelled good. Thanks & take care.

  4. My favourite month of the year!

  5. You have definitely inspired me. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for the inspiration last month to look at things differently. Now to start thinking for this month.

  7. What a wonderful approach to Autumn. I baked a plum cake using the plums from the garden, it was so good.

  8. I'm looking forward to Autumn after your lovely post and will remember to join in with the hunt. :)

  9. Like you, many years I find the arrival of Autumn quite hard and see it as an ending. And like you, this year I am resolved to see it as a herald of new beginnings. xx

    As always, your lists are perfect 😊 🍁 🐾 🍂 💞


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