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This week has been good

Well, the first six days of September have just flown by. And, to the best of my ability (and weather permitting!) I have practised 'Operation Survive Autumn'.

Plenty of art happening - funnily enough (not complaining) I seem to have had a burst of creativity - I think it is related to my determination not to be bogged down by the turning of the seasons.
Walking too has been good - last night alone was a brilliant evening walk. Just Himself, myself, the dog and the fading light. The skies were heartbreakingly - staggeringly beautiful. Purple and gold, grey and petrol blue clouds clumped along the horizon and the setting sun - a flaming tangerine orb slipping behind the hills.
This amazing view was topped by a swish of the last swallows - I can't believe they are still around especially as the weather has been less than kind. A heron, with a slow flap, passed over head -  a portend of good things. A skein of geese and the wisp and whirl of a hunting barn owl. We watched as the ghost white figure flitted over the rough fields and then - as it was definitely getting dark - bats.
We've stood at the back door and listened to the tawny owls hoothooing and wootwooing in the trees behind us - they seem very vocal this year, may be that is normal and I have missed this autumnal sound due to hunkering down and hiding in the house.

Baking too has been quite prominent, scones and fruit cake featuring as has crochet and meeting up with friends and family.
We are also gearing up to TAM19 - and as ever we are just running flat out to keep up but it is such exciting stuff and with so many artists involved this year - there is no time for the autumn-blues.

Here is to the first week not only boshed but celebrated - hope you have celebrated too :)


  1. So lovely to read something positive. I needed that - thanks.

  2. It looks like you have had a great Summer. Your work looks wonderful and creative. Those scones and the cake looks yummy!! Love the color and stitches on your crochet blanket.

  3. Your artwork is so good. I especially like the drawing of the old door... and of course the two gorgeous dogs

    I havent made a fruitcake for ages...but you have inspired me. Maybe I will make a Christmas Cake this year... must get that ready early so I can "feed" it.

    Such a busy time for you...
    Phoebe x

    p.s. That sky is glorious!!!

    1. Sounds like it has been a great week with you and yours. I love you artwork, it is always interesting to see the process as well as the finished article.

      Hope you have a good weekend to finish of your great week.

  4. Can almost taste that fruit cake. I think you need to share that very simply recipe you always use. Artwork coming on well too. TAM 2019 .....exciting times ahead. xx

    1. I put the link for the cake in the previous post - it is a lovely cake

  5. wonderful. xxx

    Not heard the owls much recently, but perhaps that is because I have not been out much at night. I suspect that will all change thanks to Lady Millicent.


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